Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Reveals Galarian Forms, Rivals, and More

pokemon sword and shield trailer reveals galarian pokemon

It was confirmed earlier this week that Pokemon Sword and Shield would be getting some new information, and now that information has come in the form of a new trailer. The latest trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield reveals a lot of new details about the games, including the existence of Galarian forms for older Pokemon, brand new Pokemon, the names of the player's rivals, and the name of the Team Rocket-equivalent evil organization in the Galar Region.

The first thing players see in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer is the Galarian form Pokemon. This includes Galarian Weezing (Poison/Fairy-type), Galarian Zigzagoon (Dark/Normal), Galarian Linoone (Dark/Normal), and a brand new evolved form for Linoone called Obstagoon (Dark/Normal). It's possible that more Galarian Pokemon will be revealed later on, but we can tell from the trailer that they won't be restricted to any single Pokemon Generation like the Alolan forms were.

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After showing us the Galarian versions of old Pokemon, the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer then shows us a brand new Pokemon called Morpeko. While in "Full Belly Mode," Morpeko is an Electric-type, but in the hilariously-named "Hangry Mode," Morpeko is a Dark-type Pokemon.

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer also reveals some new human characters players will interact with in the Galar region, including their new rivals. The Pokemon Sword and Shield rivals are Bede and Marnie, with Marnie being supported by her "wild fans," Team Yell.

While a pretty short trailer at only a couple of minutes long, this new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer does reveal a lot about the games. It also confirms an old Pokemon Sword and Shield leak that previously mentioned things like Team Yell, so it seems like the rest of the information included in that leak is likely true. This means that Pokemon Sword and Shield enthusiasts can likely look forward to a new evolution for Farfetch'd as well as an "evil" legendary Pokemon named Eternatus.

With a few more months to go until Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on the Nintendo Switch, it's likely that other details from that leak will be revealed between now and then, so fans should stay tuned.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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