Pokemon Sword and Shield: All the Galarian Form Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield Obstagoon

The next big batch of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield information dropped this morning alongside a brand new Pokemon trailer. The new footage was jam-packed with new creature confirmations and also revealed the first details about the brand new Galarian Forms.

Galarian Forms in Pokemon Sword/Shield are achieved when Pokemon adapt to the unique environment of one specific region. These regional forms look very cool are sure to be incredibly popular when the game launches later this year.

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"Some Pokémon have adapted to the unique environment of one specific region and do not look or behave like Pokémon of the same species found elsewhere. Regional forms of Pokémon can be found in Galar as well, where they’re known as Galarian forms."

Galarian Weezing

Category: Poison Gas Pokémon

Type: Poison/Fairy

Height: 9'10"

Weight: 35.3 lbs.

Ability: Levitate/???

Galarian Weezing consumes polluted air and poisonous gases for sustenance. The by-product of this consumption is purified air, which is spewed out from the tops of its heads. The toxins accumulated within Weezing’s body form into concentrated poison gas clouds that leak out and drift around it. This gas is so potent that even a whiff is enough to stun and immobilize an opponent, making it Weezing’s best weapon during battles.

Galarian Zigzagoon

Category: Tiny Raccoon Pokémon

Type: Dark/Normal

Height: 1'4"

Weight: 38.6 lbs.

Ability: Pickup/Gluttony

The Zigzagoon of Galar never settle down and are known to inhabit all areas of the region, including fields, forests, and towns. There is some speculation that the zigzag movements of the Zigzagoon in other regions stem from the restless nature of Galarian Zigzagoon, considered to be the oldest branch of the species. Galarian Zigzagoon enjoy battles and will charge at people and other Pokémon in an attempt to provoke a fight. This behavior usually succeeds in starting a battle with other Pokémon, but humans tend to think Galarian Zigzagoon is just playing or showing affection.

morpeko hangry mode

Galarian Linoone

Category: Rushing Pokémon

Type: Dark/Normal

Height: 1'8"

Weight: 71.7 lbs.

Ability: Pickup/Gluttony

Galarian Linoone can reach speeds of over 60 miles per hour and can deliver devastating Tackles and Headbutts. With enough destructive force to knock away a car, these attacks can also throw Linoone off-balance if they miss. Galarian Linoone are rash and fearless and will recklessly pick fights even with opponents stronger than themselves. Their boldness and their tendency to attack opponents head on make Galarian Linoone very popular among the disaffected youth of the Galar region.

Galarian Form EvolutionsLiving in the unique environment of the Galar region, some regional forms of Pokémon have developed unique Evolutions unseen in any other region.


Category: Blocking Pokémon

Type: Dark/Normal

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 101.4 lbs.

Ability: Reckless/Guts

The Linoone of the Galar region live in harsh conditions and engage in fierce competition with others of their species. As a result, their survival instincts have been honed, leading to their Evolution into Obstagoon. Though Obstagoon is extremely combative, it often does not launch the first attack. It will taunt an opponent, goading it into attacking. When it does, Obstagoon will cross its arms and meet the oncoming attack with its Obstruct move. Obstagoon is especially skilled at throwing its opponents off guard and counterattacking with its sharp claws.

Form-Changing PokémonSome Pokémon can change their form, often because of the effects of certain items or their own Ability. Some of these form changes don’t just change the Pokémon’s appearance but also affect the types of its moves or even change its Ability.


Category: Two-Sided Pokémon

Type: Electric/Dark

Height: 1'

Weight: 6.6 lbs.

Ability: Hunger Switch

The sacs in Morpeko’s cheeks constantly generate electricity. This consumes energy, causing Morpeko to be constantly hungry. To satisfy this hunger, Morpeko always carries around Berry seeds to snack on. When experiencing prolonged hunger, Morpeko’s hormone balance changes. This causes its fur to change colors and triggers more aggressive and volatile behavior. The energy stored in its cheek sacs also changes from Electric type to Dark type. Morpeko’s Ability, Hunger Switch, is a new Ability that causes it to change its appearance each turn. Aura Wheel is Morpeko’s signature move, and it changes type depending on Morpeko’s form. In Full Belly Mode, the move is Electric type. In Hangry Mode, the move becomes Dark type.

Be sure to check back in the coming hours as we continue to examine and report on all of the new Pokemon Sword/Shield details revealed this morning. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon Sword and Shield will launch on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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