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Pokemon Sword and Shield have a plethora of new monsters to catch in the UK-inspired Galar region. Overall, the host of new monsters seem like a particularly strong and appealing bunch, both in design and typing variation. However, there are a few oddballs that pretty clearly stand out when compared to the rest.

In particular, the designs and method of obtaining Pokemon Sword and Shield’s fossil Pokemon is…different, to say the least. In prior generations, trainers would have to find or choose between two fossils to obtain, depending on version or preference. Yet, in Sword and Shield, players are able to collect two different fossils and mash them together to create some truly strange Pokemon.

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Finding Fossils in Sword and Shield

To obtain the four unique Pokemon available through the fossils in Sword and Shield, players will first need to find the fossils available in each game. Yes, two fossils are exclusive to Sword while the other two fossils are exclusive to Shield. In Pokemon Sword players can obtain the Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino items, whereas players with Pokemon Shield will be able to obtain the Fossilized Fish and Fossilized Drake items.

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To obtain these fossils, players can do a myriad of different things. First, if players visit the Pokemon Center – the new home to many helpful features like the Move Reminder – in Stow-on-Side and speak to a particular NPC, they will get either two Fossilized Birds or two Fossilized Drakes. Alternatively, players can have the Digging brothers in the Wild Area dig for them for 500 watts for a chance to get more fossils. Finally, fossils can sometimes be found through sparkling objects on the ground in various areas, however, this method is not very consistent.

Obtaining the Fossil Pokemon

To revive a given fossil Pokemon, players will have to have two different fossil types in their possession. Once players have the fossils of their choosing, either by trading or naturally through their own games, take the fossils to the professor on Route 6. The Bird and Dino combo will result in Arctozolt, while the Bird and Fish combo will yield an Arctovish. The Drake and Fish combo will give players a Dracovish, while the Drake and Dino will result in a Dracozolt. The Bird fossil is Ice-type, Dino is Electric-type, Fish is water-type, and Drake is Dragon-type.

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Thankfully, players can also fly to this location via the Town Map, as there is a camp right next to the professor. Speaking to the professor will give players the choice of picking one set of fossils and then the next. After choosing the fossils, players will be greeted with one of the more interesting Pokemon designs of this generation. Though most Pokemon are based on one fictional or nonfictional creature, very few Pokemon are based on two separate creatures mixed and mashed together.

Though trainers will have to trade to get all the new fossil Pokemon introduced in this generation, they are all certainly very unique additions to any roster. Though the Galar Pokedex did leak prior to Sword and Shield’s official release date, something that The Pokemon Company is once again seeking legal action for, these monsters will definitely still leave quite the impression on any trainer.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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