10 More Pokémon That Deserve Galarian Forms

Before we even begin on this list - GALARIAN PONYTA IS HERE! We don't have time to get into that right now, but, suffice to say, it is so good.

Anyway, Pokémon Sword and Shield need to add even more Galarian Forms of Generation Eight Pokémon, along with giving older Pokémon a chance to shine again. Today, we'll be looking at ten Pokémon that should get one of these new forms.

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We'll be mainly focusing on Pokémon that have faded from popularity and need this chance in the spotlight. Without any further ado, let's get right into it.

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10 Qwilfish

Alright, this one wasn't ever really in the spotlight, so this wouldn't really be a return to prominence but a first trip in the sun. Either way, give Qwilfish something...anything. Look into those eyes. Do you see anything except pure pain?

A Galarian evolution would be a good start for this one. Qwilfish is so frail and sad that an evolution is more than needed, but even a new form would be good. Whatever Qwilfish gets, it will be okay with. Now, all we can do is hope.

9 Luvdisc

Luvdisc is in somewhat of a similar position to Qwilfish, it just needs a bit of a boon. Can the Galarian twist for this one just be to finally make Alomomola the true evolution of this Pokémon? Frankly, that's the real logic that the Pokémon world is missing.

Luvdisc really needs is an evolution, just a little something to make it more relevant. Who even cares, just staple on another heart, use the mirror tool. Luvdisc is bad. Isn't it sad that you can see the tears coming out of this Pokémon, an actual fish, that lives underwater?

8 Vileplume

Vileplume could use a little refresh, ya know? You don't hear people running around talking about how much they hate Vileplume, but when do you hear anyone talking about just how great Vileplume is? At least Bellossom has some Super Smash Bros fame.

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The only recognition given to Vileplume is that it is part of the original 151. Beyond that, it really doesn't have any special claims to fame that set it apart from the rest of the crowd, which is why it could certainly use a bit of help from a Galarian form.

7 Ariados

It is incredible that someone designed Ariados and thought, "yeah no, we're good...this is its final stage." This poor thing looks like a first stage Pokémon, not a fully evolved creature. It just deserves better.

Maybe give this Johto Pokémon a Galarian Form where it gains some wings or something similar. Or, maybe gains...anything? Ariados was really given the short end of the stick in life, so let's give it a new form so it can revel in all its...legs.

6 Flygon

Flygon is easily the best Pokémon on the list. It has a great typing and design, and is overall an awesome Pokémon, with a killer evolution line to back it up. Trapinch could easily fit on any Paris Fashion Week runway.

Unfortunately, Flygon just isn't talked about NEARLY as much as it should be. It obviously gets a lot more notice than the rest of this list, but Game Freak is known for giving new forms to Pokémon that don't really need the help all that much. We're indulging a bit with this pick. Give Flygon a new look.

5 Tropius

Banana boy, on the other hand, needs all the help he can get. Tropius is actually a really neatly designed Pokémon. It just feels like there's something...missing? Whatever it is, Tropius could use a new form to help out in the popularity department.

This one is so easy, just make Tropius into a different tree and make it grow like...grapes or whatever it is that grows on trees. Apples? That sounds right. Either way, Tropius deserves a new design more than anyone, so Game Freak should show this big boy some love.

4 Chatot

Chatot is one of those Pokémon that seems like it could have gotten an evolution of some sort but, for whatever reason, it never materialized. Chatot ended up being a single-stage Pokémon, which is honestly pretty okay. Chatot is adorable and had a starring role in some of the Mystery Dungeon games.

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A Galarian form would just be a nice addition to the Chatot line. Maybe it could gain an evolution, or maybe it could get redesigned to look more like English birds? However Game Freak decides to go about it, the Chatot stans would surely appreciate it. Those exist, right?

3 Swanna

Swanna is literally just a swan. Perhaps, make it look like something a touch more original? Game Freak really could not have gotten any lazier with this one. It really just has a few flourishes over a regular swan and...that's it.

Seeing a Galarian Swanna with a bit of a makeover is really just something that fans deserve. This Pokémon just doesn't do anything exciting, so why not give it a new Galarian form that brings something interesting to the table?

2 Amoonguss

Hmm...Amoonguss could be cute. You have a lot of opportunities here with this little guy. The shiny Amoonguss is already a Master Ball, so for a Galarian variant, you can make a Great or Ultra Ball themed Pokémon.

What about a few different forms, featuring all sorts of different Pokéballs that have been introduced to the series over the years? However a Galarian Amoonguss would end up looking, it would likely fit the theme of this species very well.

1 Avalugg

Ice boy - what are you, exactly? You don't know either? Great, give Avalugg a Galarian form. Avalugg is fine, but it just has a really odd design that doesn't do the Pokémon any favors.

It could just use a nice little refresh, and what better way to do that than with a Galarian form? Maybe a magma-centric version of this Pokémon would be a fun design choice for this new form.

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