Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveals New Corgi and Devil Pokemon

pokemon sword and shield corgi devil pokemon

Earlier this month, Nintendo hosted a special Nintendo Direct specifically for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It was during this presentation that fans learned a ton of new information about the upcoming Switch exclusives, including how the new Dynamax feature works, and who the legendary Pokemon will be in the Galar region.

Since Nintendo already gave such a deep dive into Pokemon Sword and Shield earlier this month, the company barely mentioned the games in its E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, beyond reaffirming their release date. However, since the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct presentation, those in attendance at the show have gotten their hands on the games, revealing a couple of new Pokemon in the process.

It's been revealed that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be adding a corgi-like Pokemon named Yamper, as well as a devilish imp named Impidimp. It's a bit strange that Nintendo didn't feature Yamper and Impidimp in the recent Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct since it was prepared to reveal them just a week later at E3, but oh well.

Yamper has already been praised on the Internet for its cute appearance and resemblance to a corgi, whereas Impidimp has received some mockery for its appearance and name. However, Impidimp is actually a fairly significant Pokemon in the grand scheme of things, as it is the first-ever dark/fairy-type Pokemon in series history.

We will need to learn more about Impidimp to make a determination, but this unique aspect of it may make one of the most sought-after new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This may be especially so if Impidimp is able to evolve into an even more powerful and impressive Pokemon.

More information on any potential Impidimp evolutions should come to light as we get closer to the Pokemon Sword and Shield release date. Fans can also expect even more new Galar region Pokemon to be revealed for the games in the future as well, perhaps even before E3 week wraps.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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