Can You Catch Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

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Few Pokemon are as epic as the legendary Eternatus, the must-have Dragon/Poison type that players can catch later in the game. Eternatus is a component of the Pokemon Sword and Shield canonized story, and as such players will inevitably encounter it.

But as the battle with the Legendary Eternatus begins, there are a few things worth noting that can make or break Pokemon Sword and Shield players' experience.

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Finding Eternatus

Luckily for Pokemon Sword and Shield players, Eternatus is tied to the game's story, and as such is nearly impossible to miss. Once players have defeated all 8 gym leaders, and have made their way through the finals of the Champion Cup in Wyndon, they should continue on and challenge Leon. Once players have challenged the Champion of the Galar Region's Pokemon League, the events that will lead players back to Hammerlocke will be initiated.

Once players reach Hammerlocke, they should enter the gym stadium, and proceed through the set of doors to the right towards the Energy Plant. Once inside, Eternatus awaits, but so too does Leon.

First Defeat, Then Catch

Leon will be right in the middle of trying to catch Eternatus, and will soon fail. This will afford Pokemon Sword and Shield players with the chance to catch the Legendary Poison/Dragon type. But first, players are thrust into a battle against Eternatus. Any who try to catch him immediately will surely fail, because in this battle, players are meant to defeat Eternatus.

Once Eternatus has been defeated, a Max Raid battle will commence. Pokemon Sword and Shield players will find their Pokemon unable to attack for the first few turns, and this is how its supposed to be. The trick is to hold out until Zamazenta and Zacian show up, and together with them Pokemon Sword and Shield players can bring Eternatus down.

As soon as Pokemon Sword and Shield players have depleted Eternatus of his health, they can use any type of Poke Ball to catch it. No need for Master Balls or anything fancy or expensive; a regular old Pokeball should get the job done just fine.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now for Nintendo Switch

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