Pokemon Sword and Shield Bug Pokemon Leaks

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So-called Pokemon Sword and Shield "leaks" are plentiful, just weeks after Nintendo officially announced the Nintendo Switch exclusive games. So far, the most impressive leaks have already been proven wrong, ranging from the Scorbunny "Rocket-Bun" evolution to a new generation of fakes from the artist of Popplio's "Ballio" evolution. But a new Bug Pokemon leak may be 2019's first real one, or otherwise one of the most impressive "Fakemon" ever fabricated.

The leaked Pokemon is in the shape of a spiked nutshell, but with a large toothed beak. It has four dragonfly-like wings and six bright white segmented legs. Perhaps the Pokemon's most charming features are its eyes, which are dark outlined and half-lidded with a ligh yellow iris. The eye also has a divot to it, making it seem like the bug Pokemon is tearing up. Pokemon fans are already describing it as a sad Pokemon, perfect to go alongside sad starter Pokemon Sobble.

What makes the Pokemon stand out from its leaked brethren isn't its design, it's that the Pokemon leaked via a short video rather than a piece of concept art or screenshot. The video, which is very short, has the Bug Pokemon fully animated and hovering. It very much looks like a legitimate, finalized Pokemon recorded straight from an in-development version of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Click the image below to see the Pokemon in motion:

pokemon sword shield bug leak

Just to add to the Pokemon's legitimacy, and to tie it specifically to Pokemon Sword and Shield as opposed to another Pokemon game, the video is set in one of the environments shown in the games' announcement trailer. Partway through the trailer, the games' protagonist is shown in a cave with the same light fixtures and bright gems embedded in the walls. If it's a fake, someone went to a lot of effort to make it seem real.

As with any supposed leak, it must be taken with a grain of salt. As impressive as the bug Pokemon is, as much as the design matches expectations for a new Pokemon game, there are absolutely fans out there that could manage to create it for fun. It gets more wild and crazy every generation, and the Galar region seems to match that trend. Hopefully, Nintendo starts sharing more Pokemon Sword and Switch news soon, so we can find out of this Bug/Ground/Rock Pokemon or whatever it may be is real and fans can stop calling it Peanugget as a nickname.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release late 2019 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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