Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Evolve Applin Into Appletun and Flapple

Pokemon Sword and Shield Applin

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are out now, bringing a host of new Pokemon and features to Game Freak and Nintendo's long-running series. Not all of these changes have found a favorable reception with the fanbase however, with many people angered by developer Game Freak's re-using of old assets and removal of favorite Pokemon from Sword and Shield's Pokedex.

#Dexit, as the latter scandal is known, hasn't been the only change to the new titles' roster however, as a variety of bonus evolutions and brand new Pokemon have also been introduced. A lot of these additions are British-themed, to fit with the inspiration for the Galar region, including Applin, a tiny Pokemon that lives inside a red apple, along with its branching evolutions Appletun and Flapple.

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Not Far From the Tree

Applin is a low-level Pokemon, and as such can be found quite early in the game. Players wanting to catch one should search along Route 5, just east of Turffield, where they can be caught by chasing down exclamation marks in the long grass. Once an Applin has been caught players should keep it around until Hammerlocke, where they'll get the first opportunity to evolve it into one of its later forms.

As a Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon, Applin is strong against Ground, Water, Grass and Electric, but should avoid facing off against Pokemon of the Flying, Poison, Bug, Ice, Fairy or even Dragon-types, such as fellow new addition Dreepy. Like most Pokemon, Applin's evolutions keep the same type, though with extra HP and some more powerful moves.

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Evolving Applin

Applin is one of a small set of Pokemon within the series that have their own unique way of evolving, as opposed to the standard level threshold. In Applin's case, it will evolve into its Flapple form when given a Tart Apple, or into its Appletun form when given a Sweet Apple. Unlike some branching-Pokemon these forms aren't game-locked to Sword or Shield respectively, although the easiest way of acquiring the apples for them is.

To get one, players should head a little way west of the Pokemon Center in Hammerlocke, where they'll find a boy who wants an Applin to impress a girl. While his plan isn't entirely successful, helping him won't rob players of their Applin, and will in fact give the apple they need to evolve it. For players in Pokemon Shield it's a Sweet Apple, and in Pokemon Sword it's a Tart Apple. Fortunately for those looking to fill out their Pokedex, it is possible to acquire the other kind of apple in the Wild Area, albeit much later in the game.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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