Pokemon Sword and Shield Release Date Confirmed

nintendo e3 2019 pokemon sword and shield

Nintendo isn't holding an E3 press conference, but that doesn't mean the company doesn't have some big announcements in store for this week. This morning kicked off with the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield themed Nintendo Direct and fans of the franchise have about 15 minutes worth of news and footage to digest. Although the event was full of exciting new details and information, the confirmation of the release date is likely the most exciting for many players.

As a few leaks predicted earlier this morning, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are arriving exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on November 15. This is sure to make the new installment in the popular franchise one of the most popular games of the holiday shopping season once again.


It will be very interesting to see how many new fans the game is able to win over from the Pokemon Let's Go and Pokemon GO crowd. Those games certainly have depth to them, but Sword and Shield seem to operate just a bit more like the traditional handheld Pokemon experiences.

Be sure to check back throughout the coming week and E3 2019 event for more news, updates, and strategy guides. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release on November 15 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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