Where to Find Morpeko in Pokemon Sword and Shield

As players dive into Pokemon Sword and Shield, many will be interested in completing the games' full Pokedex, which consist of 400 Pokemon in total. Indeed, some of these pocket monsters can be quite elusive, and while not the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Morpeko is one that some players may be having a bit of trouble locating. For these fans, this guide looks to provide details on exactly where to catch Morpeko in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

For the uninitiated, Morpeko is a new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it has quite an interesting gimmick. Namely, Morpeko continually transforms between two modes, a Full Belly Mode and a Hangry Mode, as a result of its hunger, and this transformation comes with a change to the Pokemon's type. More specifically, when Morpeko is in Full Belly Mode it functions as an Electric-type Pokemon, and it acts as a Dark-type Pokemon when in Hangry Mode.

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Where to Catch Morpeko in Pokemon Sword and Shield

With these details on Morpeko established, players are ready to go out and catch one, and there are several locations where that can be done. Morpeko can be found on both Route 7 and Route 9, and it has a 5% encounter rate in these locations. That said, players who wish to avoid random encounters may prefer to hunt for Morpeko on Route 7, as it can appear in the overworld there, which it cannot on Route 9.

pokemon sword and shield morpeko location

Additionally, Morpeko can be found in the Lake of Outrage area, which is located in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area just before Hammerlocke and can be accessed with the bike's water mode. However, it only appears in this location during thunderstorms and at a rate that is slightly lower than on Route 7 and 9.

If a player does decide to hunt for Morpeko in the Lake of Outrage, though, they should be advised that it is the sole spawn location for the Pokemon Dreepy. This rare Pokemon has a 2% encounter rate during thunderstorms, and fans should make sure to keep their eyes open for one as they are on the hunt for their Morpeko.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now on Nintendo Switch.

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