Pokemon Sword and Shield Leak Teases Legendary Pokemon

pokemon sword and shield markings

Now that Nintendo has officially announced Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch, the rumor mill has started turning, with potential leaks revealing new features ahead of time. One such leak comes from 4chan, in a post that has since enjoyed added credibility after it accurately predicted the games' setting and titles. Assuming the rest of the information in the post is accurate, it seems that we may have an idea of what the new legendary Pokemon will be like in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The same now-deleted 4chan post that potentially leaked the new Armored Evolutions has also suggested what animals the Pokemon Sword and Shield legendary Pokemon will be based on. According to the post, one of the legendary Pokemon is a metal snake, and the other is a wooden horse. The post doesn't reveal which legendary will be exclusive to which game, and it also stops short of going into their typing or names. However, we can guess that the metal snake will be the legendary for Pokemon Sword, whereas the wooden horse will be the legendary for Pokemon Shield, just based on what they would be shaped like and how that would correspond with the games' titles and logos.

Besides the new legendary Pokemon that will debut in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the games may potentially feature some other legendary Pokemon as well. After all, the 4chan post claims that Armored Mewtwo will be one of the Armored Evolution Pokemon seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield, though it's possible players will have to transfer Mewtwo to the new games instead of catching him in the Galar Region.

pokemon sword shield announcement

That's just speculation at this time, though, and until we have official word from Nintendo on any of these details, fans should take this news with a massive grain of salt. While the 4chan post did accurately predict the titles for Pokemon Sword and Shield ahead of time and that the Galar Region would be based on Great Britain, it's still possible it was all just a lucky guess. It would be a very lucky guess, but certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

With Pokemon Sword and Shield set to launch by the end of the year, more information on the games should come to light in the coming months, which will hopefully confirm or debunk these rumors.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will launch in 2019, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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