Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Surf

pokemon sword and shield how to surf

Pokemon Sword and Shield contains features both new and old to the Pokemon franchise. But one move has made its triumphant return in Pokemon Sword and Shield that has existed since the first incarnation of Pokemon, and that ability is Surf.

Surf is a fantastic water move for players to keep in their arsenal in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Luckily resourceful players who know how to farm Watts can get it early on in the Wild Area.

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What is Surf?

In Pokemon's first generation, Surf was introduced as an HM. This meant that it was both a strong Water attack that also enabled the player to surf over bodies of water throughout the world.

This was an absolute game changer, akin only to the bike in how it enabled players to explore and take on the world of Pokemon by storm. But in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Surf is only a TM. Luckily however, it is still as powerful a move as ever, and is highly recommended for any water Pokemon's arsenal.

Watts & Watt Traders

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In the Wild Area, Pokemon Sword and Shield players will encounter NPCs called Watt Traders. These wandering NPCs award players with exceptionally rare items in exchange for Watts.

Throughout the Wild Area, players will find glowing clusters of hexagons known as Dens. Small Dens reward players with 50 Watts, and Large Dens reward players with 300 Watts. Luckily throughout the Wild Area there are plenty of Dens, but there are also Pokemon cloaked in yellow auras that can be fought for Watts.

Watt Traders can be found at the Meetup Spot, Giant's Cap, East Lake Axewell, Dappled Grove, Giant's Seat, and Hammerlocke Hills.


When players reach the Wild Area, they should navigate around the water until they find the zone exit on the other side. There will be a staircase with two people standing to the left of it. The vendor who sells Surf is dressed in black and white, and is located to the left of the staircase in Wild Area with another Watt Trader.

In exchange for 5,000 Watts, players can purchase Surf to aid them in their journey.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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