Rumor: Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Add Farfetch'd Evolution

rumor: pokemon sword and shield will add farfetchd evolution

The recent Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct presentation is notable for a couple of reasons. Not only did it give fans their most substantial look yet at the upcoming Switch-exclusive main series Pokemon games, but it also legitimized a two week old "leak" on 4chan that potentially reveals a lot more information about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes a new evolution for the gen 1 Pokemon Farfetch'd.

Farfetch'd, perhaps most notable in recent years for being a Pokemon GO region exclusive, is far from the most popular Gen 1 Pokemon out there. That makes it seem a little odd that Game Freak would decide to design a new evolution for the creature, but maybe that's exactly why Farfetch'd is apparently getting a new evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

According to the leak, Farfetch'd will evolve into a new Pokemon called Sirfetch'd. The "Sir" part of the name does play into the medieval theme of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it may suggest that Sirfetch'd will look like a knight of some kind.

rumor: pokemon sword and shield will add farfetch'd evolution

This makes even more sense when one considers that Farfetch'd often arms himself with an onion, and that "Onion Knights" are a thing. In Game of Thrones, Davos Seaworth is given the title "Onion Knight," and one of the jobs in the Final Fantasy games is "Onion Knight" as well. If Sirfetch'd exists, he could quite literally be an "Onion Knight."

Of course, that's assuming Sirfetch'd actually exists. While the Pokemon Sword and Shield leaker did accurately reveal a lot of details about the games that were confirmed in the Nintendo Direct presentation, it's possible that they also included fake information to throw people off.

Luckily, Pokemon Sword and Shield will be at E3 2019, and so it's possible that Sirfetch'd will be revealed at that point. However, given how substantial the Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct was, it remains to be seen just how much time Nintendo will spend on the games at E3.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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