Pokemon Sword and Shield: Where to Find the Rare Pokemon Dreepy

pokemon sword and shield dreepy location

To the disappointment of many fans, the just-released Pokemon Sword and Shield do not feature every one of the franchise's more than 800 Pokemon. However, there are some brand new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and they may just be enough to fill the hole left by the pocket monsters that have been cut for these Switch exclusives. One such new Pokemon is the adorable Dreepy, a Dragon/Ghost type, and some players may be curious about exactly where to find it.

To note, in order to catch a Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield, players will need to have access to the bicycle mode that will let their vehicle travel over water. This will allow fans to reach the singular Dreepy spawn location, and this bicycle mode is unlocked after defeating the sixth Pokemon Sword and Shield gym leader.

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How to Catch a Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Once a player has obtained the requisite bicycle mode, they should then travel to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area that is found directly south of Hammerlocke. In this location, players will find a strip of water, running north to south, that can be crossed with the bicycle. Doing so will put the player in the Lake of Outrage, where they can catch a Dreepy, and the video below provides a visual reference for those that need it.

Now that a player is in the Lake of Outrage, the hunt to catch a Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield begins. Specifically, Dreepy can be encountered in the tall grass in this location, but there is one important caveat: Dreepy will only spawn when the weather is overcast, foggy, or there is a thunderstorm. That said, even with one of these conditions met, Dreepy is extremely rare and spawns at a rate of 1% when overcast and 2% during fog or thunderstorms.

As such, players that want to catch Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield will need to exercise quite a bit of patience. However, many fans will certainly feel it was worth the effort when they are putting their brand new Dreepy into a Poke Ball, alongside the likes of Pokemon Sword and Shield's Leafeon, and later evolving it into the more powerful Drakloak and Dragapult.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now for Nintendo Switch.

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