Pokemon Sword and Shield Are the Most Disliked Games of E3 2019

pokemon sword and shield dislikes e3 2019

Less than a week before E3 2019 began, a Pokemon Direct, which was specifically focused on the forthcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield, got many fans excited about new Pokemon games by introducing the Pokemon Sword and Shield legendary Pokemon, the new Dynamax mechanic, and more. However, new details provided during E3 2019 quickly soured this excitement, leaving Pokemon Sword and Shield as the most disliked games of the expo, as per dislikes on YouTube videos.

Specifically, a video of a segment from an E3 2019 Nintendo Treehouse Live stream, which showcases a gameplay demo for Pokemon Sword and Shield, is currently sitting at 59,000 dislikes on YouTube. This Pokemon Sword and Shield gameplay video has been viewed approximately 1.15 million times, which means that it has received around 0.05 dislikes per view. While even the most well received of videos are prone to being disliked, these figures are certainly notable.

Indeed, fans have taken issue with several of the details revealed during this particular Nintendo Treehouse Live, but the fundamental concern lies with the announcement that players will not be able to transfer Pokemon from outside of the Galar region into Pokemon Sword and Shield. Essentially, this means that Pokemon Sword and Shield will not include all Pokemon, only those that are specifically part of the games' new Galar region.

Previously, players have been able to transfer a National Pokedex into new Pokemon games, which has allowed them access to all of the Pokemon, of every region, across Pokemon generations. For some players, being able to maintain a full Pokedex is critical to the Pokemon experience, hence the intense dissatisfaction that has emerged following the reveal that doing so will not be possible in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

pokemon sword and shield dislikes e3 2019

For reference, other E3 2019 games that have received significant YouTube dislikes include the new Battletoads, with the E3 gameplay trailer currently having 13,000 dislikes, and the new mobile take on Commander Keen, with the E3 reveal video sitting at 8,200 dislikes. While it could be argued that these are far less popular franchises, and would thus never reach the number of dislikes that Pokemon games can amass, the dislike per view ratio is much lower with these two titles, emphasizing just how many players are unhappy with Pokemon Sword and Shield.

While Game Freak has offered an explanation for the decision to remove the National Pokedex from Pokemon Sword and Shield, indicating that a focus on "higher quality animations" comes with its own technical limitations, many fans are still not satisfied. For these unhappy fans, hopefully the developer can come up with some solution, such as post-launch Pokemon additions to Pokemon Sword and Shield, to get players back on board.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: ResetEra

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