Pokemon Sword and Shield Armored Evolutions Rumor Debunked?

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Ever since it's announcement earlier this year, Pokemon Sword & Shield - the first mainline games in the series to appear on a home console - has been the subject of numerous rumors and 'leaks'; ones that some fans have embraced with gusto due to a lack of any concrete information from Nintendo or Game Freak since the announcement. Now, we can confirm that at least one of these rumors is most certainly fake, thanks to an issue of CoroCoro.

Prior to the game's announcement in February, an anonymous 4Chan post correctly predicted the names of the three new Starter Pokemon - Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble - as well as the fact that the new region, Galar, would be based on Great Britain. Naturally, many found it to be a trustworthy source of info as a result, and the user had also claimed that Armored Evolutions would be included as a new mechanic for specific Pokemon - Charizard, Mewtwo, Flygon and Zeraora. The post has since been deleted but then a trademark was spotted for Armored Mewtwo, causing many to believe that this supported the 4Chan post.

However, Pokemon site Serebii was recently able to obtain scans for the latest issue of CoroCoro, which includes details on the upcoming Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution - a CGI remake of the first Pokemon movie - which showcases Armored Mewtwo. More specifically, a redesign of the armor Mewtwo wore in the first movie, and the issue specifically states that it will be exclusive to the new movie.

Serebii's webmaster, Joe Merrick, took to Twitter to further clarify, stating that if Armored Mewtwo was going to appear in Pokemon Sword & Shield, then CoroCoro would have mentioned it. He compared it to the reveals of the Zygarde forms and Ash-Greninja from before the releases of Pokemon Sun & Moon, since the publication never stated that they would be "anime-only."

At this point, the only reliable source of information fans can/should trust is Nintendo themselves. Fortunately, the publisher has confirmed that its E3 2019 presentation will be held on June 8th, and may show off some more official details about the game, which will hopefully include a release date.

Pokemon Sword & Shield will release exclusively on Switch.

Source: Newsweek

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