Pokemon Switch: 5 Most Wanted Nintendo Direct Reveals

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Nintendo is planning a Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct to air early in the morning on February 27. Barring a Nintendo surprise, having the Direct focus on DLC for Pokemon Let's Go or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it's anticipated that the event's entire 7 minutes will be dedicated to the Pokemon Nintendo Switch game previously announced for release in 2019. Pokemon's eighth generation is approaching.

With just a seven-minute Nintendo Direct, however, fans shouldn't be expecting Nintendo to overshare. That's just long enough for a short introduction celebrating the state of Pokemon in 2018, a trailer, and an outro message from The Pokemon Company or one of Nintendo's executives. Nintendo managed a similarly long announcement for Pokemon Sun and Moon in 2016. However, if that Nintendo Direct is any indication, there's very little beyond basic information that be shared in such a short time.

As such, there are some specific Pokemon Switch details that would be preferable for Nintendo to prioritize in its reveal. Nothing that wouldn't fit well in a short presentation, but just enough to build the kind of hype Nintendo Switch owners could use to fuel their wait between now and Pokemon Switch's eventual release. Here are five Pokemon Switch reveals for the Nintendo Direct that would make the experience complete.

pokemon 2019 nintendo direct

5 Title

Sure, expecting the title to be revealed is setting the bar fairly low, but Pokemon fans have had to live with a "Pokemon Switch 2019" working title since the game's announcement in 2018. Having a title, or a pair of titles, would help to make the game feel more like a reality. It would give fans a name to begin sharing with friends while chatting online, at school, or at work. And in Nintendo's interest, it would give retailers at a name to put up alongside pre-orders.

The official Nintendo Switch Pokemon game's title wouldn't necessarily result in any further knowledge about the game itself. Pokemon game titles are memorable but irrelevant. However, having two titles announced would confirm whether Nintendo is continuing the trend of releasing two Pokemon games at the same time. There's really no reason to believe there won't be two games, especially after Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee's released in 2018, but it'd still be great to get confirmation and begin planning who will get which game with friends.

Of all the reveals that could be made during tomorrow's Nintendo Switch event, the official title of the Pokemon Switch game is the most likely to come true. When Pokemon Sun and Moon were revealed in 2016, the title was legitimately the only thing revealed about the game beyond some concept art and a broad release window.

4 Release Date

A release date for the upcoming Pokemon Switch game or games seems most likely to be revealed beyond the game's title, but there is no guarantee. It's entirely possible that Nintendo isn't willing to commit to a release date this early, or that it only commits to "Holiday 2019" or, worst case, the game even gets delayed. After all, with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and Mario Maker 2 confirmed for 2019, Nintendo could easily decide to hold Pokemon back a bit longer so as not to overfill its calendar year. Hopefully, that's just being overly cautious and 2019 remains the plan.

Much like the game's working title, the "2019" release window has been attached to the Pokemon Switch project since its announcement. It'd be a shame to let fans linger on it any more than they already have. Cementing a November date would be a huge confidence booster for the Switch platform and for Pokemon fans that may not have been interested in Let's Go, deciding instead to wait for the franchise's next core entry.

pokemon sun and moon alola

3 Region

After spending several years in the Hawaii-based Alolan region, players are anxious to travel somewhere new. After all, a new region means new Pokemon to discover and catch.

Rumors regarding a return to the Kanto region were eventually tied to the Let's Go games, but there's always a possibility that the series still returns to its roots. Another rumor claims that Pokemon Switch will be based in an Italy-themed region. And yet another rumor claims a Solar System-based region will be used, teased in some unique ways during Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon's Nintendo Direct reveal did not unveil the Alola region during its short runtime, but that doesn't mean Nintendo will hold back now. With the Pokemon core franchise coming to the Switch for the first time, Nintendo and Game Freak have plenty to show from now through release. Hopefully, the new Pokemon game's region will be part of that initial announcement.

2 Gameplay

Fans would love to see exactly what the next generation of Pokemon games is going to look like on the Nintendo Switch. Whether it's exploring the world, having conversations with other trainers, or battling, any gameplay would be an incredibly exciting reveal. Even if it's just a look at Pokemon Switch's protagonist, something is better than nothing.

A gameplay reveal may or may not make sense for Nintendo to show so early. If the upcoming Pokemon Switch game looks and feels much like the Let's Go games from this past year, then it's no big deal sharing off the new game in motion. However, if the new game looks markedly different from the Let's Go games, then it may make more sense to wait and surprise fans later in the year. Whether or not Pokemon Switch gameplay is shown tomorrow could be telling. Then again, it still has over six months of development left, so not sharing gameplay would most likely mean Game Freak just isn't ready to show the game off yet.

No one should be expecting Detective Pikachu levels of visual upgrades, at the very least.

pokemon starters

1 Starters

The starter Pokemon are perhaps the most important part of an introduction to a new Pokemon game and could be a key part of the reveal. These are the friends that players will spend the duration of their game, and beyond, adventuring with. And there's perhaps nothing more representative of past Pokemon titles than those three starting Pokemon.

To be fair, Nintendo more often than not reserves starter announcements for a standalone reveal, but there's reason to believe Nintendo might be willing to share them tomorrow. In Nintendo's teaser for the Nintendo Direct, the image prominently features three Pokeballs.

No matter what Nintendo plans to reveal tomorrow during its Pokemon Nintendo Direct, it's an exciting time to be either a Pokemon or Nintendo fan. This is the first time a core Pokemon title will be released on a console and it should have the highest fidelity visuals in the series.

Pokemon Switch is planned for release in 2019 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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