Pokemon on Switch Will Kick Off the 8th Generation?


Pokemon fans may be busy out collecting Shiny Mareep for today's Pokemon GO Community Day, but that's just one fraction of what's happening for the franchise. The mysterious Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch is still in development and rumors continue to crop up about exactly what the game will be like. The latest bit of information comes from a reliable source, but seems to contradict some of the earlier theories.

Although the Pokemon 1 and 0 name trademarks were fakes, there are still a lot of people who believe that the upcoming Pokemon Switch game will take gamers back to Kanto for some kind of series reboot. Nintendo hasn't officially denied that theory, but a blurb in Spain's Official Nintendo Magazine a while back seems to point to a new generation entirely.

The blurb appeared in the magazine a little while back, but PokeJungle recently pointed out that the Pokemon Switch promo references the introduction of a new generation, rather than a look back at an old one. A translation of the blurb reveals that it refers to the upcoming game as the first of the 8th generation.


Theories about the upcoming Switch game heading back to Kanto or being some other kind of soft reboot have been swirling in recent months, so it will be very interesting to see if the next game really does take fans to a new region and start Gen 8 or if The Pokemon Company and Game Freak have something else entirely up their sleeve.

There aren't many official facts to work with at this point, but hopefully more information will become available later in the year. It sounds like Nintendo will be putting its focus on building hype for the new Smash for most of the summer and early fall, so it wouldn't be surprising if more details about Pokemon don't arrive for quite some time. Then again, maybe Nintendo will surprise everyone and share some more intel at E3 this summer.

Either way, stay tuned for updates.

Pokemon for Switch currently does not have a confirmed title or release date.

Source: PokeJungle

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