‘Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon’ Announced for 3DS

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The quest to catch ’em all is a challenging one to say the least. With over 700 monsters currently roaming the world of Pokemon, with many remaining exclusive to events that pop up every once in a while, sometimes dedicated trainers just want to kick back and experience the franchise from a different mindset.

That’s where the spin-off games have always been a breathe of fresh air, and Nintendo has just pulled the curtain off of the latest installment in the Mystery Dungeon line of Pocket Monster titles – appropriately titled Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

As many have come to expect from this particular version of Pokemon, players will once again find themselves inhabiting an adorable Pokemon in lieu of a young child. With that in mind, players won’t be setting off on an adventure to become the best trainer around, but they are able to add monsters to their team by defeating them – although the process for obtaining additional monsters is much more random than in the core games.

Aside from what we’re assuming will be a fairly standard formula for the series, neither The Pokemon Company or Nintendo have provided many details about Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Instead, all the companies were willing to confirm were details about the game’s scheduled release in different territories across the globe.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Screenshots

According to Nintendo, Japan will be receiving the new software later this Fall, with North America soon after this Winter, and Europe following at some point in early 2016. These are all just rough windows for the game’s arrival though, which makes the title’s announcement seem premature. With E3 2015 quickly approaching, however, it’s possible that the Big N just wanted to get the formalities out of the way so that it can spend more time focussing on bigger games in its lineup.

It’s already been confirmed that Ninty will be hosting yet another Digital Event instead of a formal press conference – something it has done for a couple of years in a row – and the company will also be resurrecting the Nintendo World Championships after a 25 year hiatus. Suffice to say, with the likes of Pokemon, Star Fox, and much more in the lineup, this could be one of the best shows yet for the Japanese gaming giant.

All we hope is that this new entry is better than the most recent installment in the franchise, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Of course, only time will tell.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is set to arrive exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Japan this Fall, North America this Winter, and Europe at some point in early 2016.

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