Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Guide

Finding all of the Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is no easy task, so we've compiled a handy guide on where each Alola Region Ultra Beast can be found!

Once intrepid Pokemon adventurers have become the Alola Region Champion in Pokemon Sun and Moon, that doesn't mean players have nothing left to do. If farming shiny Pokemon or simply making friends isn't one's forte, they can always attempt to track down and capture the end game ultra beasts, which as the name implies present a formidable challenge for even the stoutest of Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers.

Gamers witness their first Ultra Beast thanks to the Aether Foundation, which causes the rock/poison type Nihilego to make a surprise appearance. Gamers won't be able to capture Nihilego here, and later in the game the Pokemon makes another appearance shortly after Cosmog creates the Ultra Wormholes which lure in more Ultra Beasts. They're all powerful Pokemon, truly, but that Pokedex isn't going to fill itself - though players  will have to do a little bit of preparation before they can go around collecting all the Alola Region's Ultra Beasts.


Once players become the bona-fide Alola Region champion, they will receive an enigmatic card from a man outside their house which asks that they visit the Hotel on Route 8. While such a request would probably lead somewhere different in real life, here it leads players to Looker and Anabel. The latter will challenge the trainer to battle, and upon winning, they'll send the player on their way to Wicke of the Aether Foundation. Seeing her is the last piece of preparation players will have to make, as she'll hand over the prototype Beast Balls which have a high chance of capturing Ultra Beasts, but a weak chance of capturing anything else.

Once all of the above has transpired, players can finally track down every Ultra Beast! Here's how:

UB-01 #793 Nihilego

Return to the route 8 Motel and enter the building. Looker will suddenly burst into the room, hollering that the Ultra Beast which everyone had seen before - Nihilego - was spotted in Wela Volcano and Diglett's Tunnel. Looker and Anabel then request that the player go and immediately capture the Pokemon - after all, one must catch 'em all. Players will find Nihilego by encountering it in a random fight in the cave / tall grass within Wela Volcano or Diglett's Tunnel. The game's music will change, warning players that there's a chance of an Ultra Beast spawning in the area.

Nihilego is a level 55 rock/poison type, and will be absorbed by an aura at the beginning of the fight which will boost its Special Defense by two stages.

UB-02 #794 Buzzwole (Sun) or #795 Pheromosa (Moon)

Here things get interesting, as those who own Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon will have different Ultra Beasts to catch. Regardless of which version players have, after capturing UB-01 the trainer will once again be interrupting by Looker when reporting to Anabel. Looker will state that the second Ultra Beast has been sighted on Melemele Island, so the player should look around Route 2. Once there, Nanu will show up and tell the player one of two things: If they have Sun, the Ultra Beast Buzzwole can be found in the Melemele Meadow, and if they have Moon, the Ultra Beast Pheromosa can be found in the Verdant Cave.

Buzzwole and Pheromosa are both level 65 bug/fighting types, and will also receive an aura at the beginning of the fight which will boost their Defense.

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UB-03 #796 Xurkitree

Players will start to get a feeling of deja vu, as once they begin reporting the most recent capture to Anabel, Looker will once again burst in with news of the next Ultra Beast sighting. This time it's at Akala Island, and both Anabel and Looker recommend taking a gander around Route 8 for the third Ultra Beast. Once players arrive they'll run into Mina, the final Trial Captain, who will inform the players that she has seen UB-03, though in order to get the information of the beast's whereabouts players will have to fight her. Once she is defeated, she'll tell players that Xurkitree can be found in Memorial Hill and Lush Jungle, and reveal that there are two of them.

Both Xurkitree Ultra Beasts are level 65 electric types, and will also absorb an aura at the beginning of each fight which will boost their Special Attack.

UB-04 #798 Kartana (Sun) or #797 Celesteela (Moon)

As players report about their previous Xurkitree capture to Anabel, they are once again (surprise!) interrupted with news of the next Ultra Beast sighting! More beasts are regrouping on Ula'ula Island along Route 17, and once players make the trek there they'll run into Nanu once again. Depending on which version of the game players have, Nanu will will say one of two things: Pokemon Sun players will hear that four Kartana can be found along Routes 13-17, and Pokemon Moon players will hear that two Celesteela are loitering around Malie Garden.

Each Kartana is a level 60 grass/steel type, and each Celesteela will be a level 65 steel/flying type. Both will be absorbed by an aura which will boost their Attack.

UB-05 #799 Guzzlord

Once players return to Anabel to report on the previous capture, Looker once again interrupts things - but this time, he isn't speculating on an Ultra Beast's rumor location right away. Instead, Looker will explain that he and Nanu were hunting down Ultra Beasts some 10 years ago using Fallers as bait for the Ultra Beasts, an effect strategy due to the Faller's Ultra Wormhole energy. It turns out Anabel is a Faller, and so is the trainer, thanks to their travel to Ultra Space.

Looker will eventually state that the final Ultra Beast, Guzzlord, has been seen on Poni Island, and that the player should travel to Seafolk Village to investigate. Once there, Nanu will then challenge the player to a Pokemon Duel to make sure they're ready to face the final Ultra Beast, and upon beating him, he'll tell the players to head to Resolution Cave. There, Guzzlord can be found in the lower level.

Guzzlord is a level 70 dark/dragon type, and it will also absorb an aura at the beginning of the fight which will boost its Attack.

That's All, Folks

Once players have captured Guzzlord, players can return to Anabel and Looker, who will congratulate the player on a job well done. They'll suggest heading over to Wicke to inform him of the mission's completion. Once players arrive, Looker does what he always does and interrupts the player to say that there's a mysterious black Pokemon whizzing around the sky. He claims it's an Ultra Beast, but Anabel refutes this because there's been no word of another Ultra Beast. The group decide not to pursue the rumored Pokemon, which actually ends up being the Legendary Pokemon Necrozema.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now for the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.

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