Pokemon Sun and Moon's Weirdest Fan Theory Makes Perfect Sense


A weird Pokemon Sun and Moon fan theory suggests that normal type Pokemon Komala isn't a koala at all and that the Pokemon is actually a sentient log of wood.

With the franchise having existed for so long, there have been plenty of funny and downright peculiar Pokemon fan theories throughout the years such as this theory that will make fans rethink the entire series. This trend has continued with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, with players recently thinking of one disturbing theory to explain Mimikyu, and there have also been theories that the player character is the bad guy "rival" of the game rather than the cheerful protagonist.

Adding to the pile of odd fan ideas is a new one all about normal type Pokemon Komala. The Pokemon, which is thought to resemble a koala clinging to a log, has attachment issues in canon, with the Pokemon also said to cling to its trainer. However, some fans have suggested that the koala part of the Pokemon isn't the clingy one and that the real Pokemon is the log.

In what could go down in history as one of the craziest video game fan theories ever, some Pokemon Sun and Moon players argue that Komala is a normal type Pokemon because it's just a normal log. According to Polygon, some Pokemon players have also pointed to Komala's "Comatose" ability as more proof. Comatose sees Komala attack as though it is asleep and it can't be affected by status effects (such as burns) either.


Some also say that the fact that the shiny version of Komala changes the color of the log (from brown to white and pink) is more evidence, as are Komala's "walk cycle" animations. In Komala's walk cycle, highlighted in a gif by one Tumblr user, it appears that the log is walking rather than the koala, which again suggests that the log is the sentient one.

While it's unlikely that Game Freak, the developer behind Sun and Moon, will confirm or deny the fan theory any time soon, fans' enthusiasm for these wild ideas is perhaps a key reason why Pokemon Sun and Moon's sales have been so impressive. As outlandish (or as genius, depending on which way fans look at it) as these theories are, it's impressive that the game has such a vibrant, enthusiastic community surrounding it.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon reportedly set to get a Nintendo Switch port (as Pokemon Stars) it seems likely that the conspiracies will continue. For humor's sake, it will be interesting to see what other plots the Pokemon fan community can come up with.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are now available on Nintendo 3DS.

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