The next promotional Pikachu is now available in Pokemon Sun Moon. This week it’s the Unova Cap Pikachu that’s up for grabs, but this variant comes with a little something extra.

The Unova Cap will be available in Pokemon Sun & Moon until October 16, 2017 and players can acquire it using the code PIKACHU20 in the Mystery Gift section of the game. What makes this version special is it comes with a Pikashunium Z Z-Crystal that transforms Pikachu’s Thunderbolt into the 10,000,000 Volt Tunderbolt Z-Move.

It needs to be stressed that only one of the six special Pikachu can be claimed by an account. Meaning players must choose wisely.

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The Ash Hat Pikachus are a special set of Pikachus released one at a time each week as part of a promotional tie-in with the franchise’s new movie, Pokemon! I Choose You. Each cap is a replica of the one worn by Ash, the television and film protagonist, during his adventures in the different regions of the Pokemon world. Over the weeks players have already had an opportunity to receive the Original Cap, Hoenn Cap, and Sinnoh Cap. Now begins the final three weeks of the campaign, beginning with the Unova Cap and ending with the Alola Cap.

Speaking of Alola, the new trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon just dropped a bunch of new information on the upcoming games. The most intriguing is the ability for players to travel through Ultra Wormholes and explore the world of Ultra Beasts. While there, they can adventure through Ultra Megalopolis and eventually battle Necrozma. This Pokemon is unique because it can absorb the game’s legendary mascots. It can absorb Solgaleo to become Dusk Mane Necrozma or Lunala to become Dawn Wings Necrozma.

In addition to the Ash Hat Pikachu, players also have the chance to snag a free level 50 Charizard. Those with a copy of the game can visit a participating Target store between October 1-14 to claim a code card that brings this popular Pokemon into their game. Charizard comes equipped with Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Fly, and Flare Blitz. Additionally, it will be holding a Red Card that forces opponents to switch to another Pokemon after attacking Charizard.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon release on November 17, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.