Two New Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Appear

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A brand new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon releases today, revealing the Ultra Beasts Absorption and Beauty, but keeps their origins shrouded in mystery.

While Pokemon GO has been breaking records as well as its player’s bones since its release, many may have forgotten that there’s a whole other game from the franchise on the horizon. But instead of being an augmented reality game, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be faithful to the turn-based RPG gameplay that the series is rooted in.

With the news of Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out comes the inevitable roll out of the new Pokemon that will be introduced into the game’s universe. Some weeks ago Pokemon fans were given a sneak peak at Turtonator, which is a new fire/dragon Pokemon, as well as the tropically themed Crabrawler and Sandygast, who are of the fighting and ghost types, respectively.

Earlier today, a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon was released, which gave fans a better look at Ultra Beasts, a new and mysterious type of Pokemon to be introduced in the games. The Ultra Beasts are described as creatures who possess “mighty powers and pose a threat to humans and Pokemon.”



While little is known about the Ultra Beasts, they do appear to be connected to the mysterious Aether Foundation. A week ago, players were given their first glimpse of an Ultra Beast named UB-01 which appeared to be a jellyfish-like Pokemon. This most recent trailer introduces two new Ultra Beasts; the first is known as Absorption, and appears to be a wasp-like Pokemon; the second is known as Beauty and appears to be a moth-like Pokemon.

So, while the trailer gives a look at the new Ultra Beasts, their origins and purpose in the game still remains a mystery. One popular theory is that the Ultra Beasts are actually human-Pokemon hybrids that were created by the Aether Foundation’s staff, and the theory does have some evidence to back it up.

Whatever the true answer is, this latest trailer seems to continue to confirm the notion that Pokemon Sun and Moon will bring a number of innovations to the series while remaining true to the series’ roots. But until its release, players can only speculate on the origins of the Ultra Beasts. Let’s just hope that professor Oak’s cousin isn’t involved in the Ultra Beasts’ creation and that they are vulnerable to Snorlax’s pulverizing pancake.

Are there any other popular theories that explain the origins of the Ultra Beasts? Put them in the comments.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are scheduled to arrive exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS on November 18, 2016.

Source: The Official Pokemon Channel — YouTube (via VG 24/7)

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