Pokemon Sun and Moon TV Show Starts New Season Next Month

Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon Premiere

The cartoon adaptation of the Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun and Moon games now has a premiere date. Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon is scheduled to debut on Friday, May 12, on the Disney XD television channel. While the first two episodes of the season have both technically been shown, they'll each re-air to kick the season off on the 12th and then be followed by the third episode on the 13th. Sun & Moon will be the 21st official season of Pokemon the Series.

Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon will follow Ash, Pikachu, and his entourage of newly acquired friends and Pokemon as they explore the island region of Alola. Naturally, Ash will run afoul of the nefarious Team Skull as well as be introduced to various Pokemon-related customs within the region. Odds are that Ash will also cross paths with Team Rocket, as it wouldn't be Pokemon without an appearance by the series' iconic villains. Even villains deserve a sunny vacation on occasion.

By the time Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon debuts in the United States, the entire season will have completed its run in Japan. That means we already know that the season will air 22 episodes in total. Since most Pokemon seasons run well over 40 episodes, and only one season so far has been less than 25, odds are more episodes of Sun & Moon will be made later this year after a break. The latest Pokemon movie, I Choose You!, comes out in July and would fit into the gap before new episodes come out.

Of special note regarding the upcoming season of Pokemon the Series, there's a rather significant event that occurs. It's a bit of a spoiler, so here's your spoiler warning. In the upcoming season a surprising first comes to pass, and it's a rather bleak event. For the first time in the Pokemon cartoon history, a Pokemon will die. It's odd to think that that's such a significant event, but that's not a common thing in cartoons, let alone the very family friendly Pokemon series.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon games are currently available on the Nintendo 3DS. Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon begins airing on Disney XD starting May 12 at 9:00pm.

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