Pokemon Sun and Moon Set in a Tropical Area?

Pokemon Sun and Moon Set in a Tropical Area? - Pokemon logo

Analysis of the recent announcement trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo 3DS possibly reveals that the games will be set in a tropical area.

In a recent Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct, the Big N confirmed the existence of Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. Even though the new games were revealed and pegged for a holiday 2016 release date, not much else has been said about them. However, clues from the announcement video possibly offer more information on the games, and may even reveal their setting.

Eagle-eyed gamers have noticed concept art for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon in the reveal trailer, which potentially hints at a tropical setting. Previous Pokemon games have been based on Japan, New York City, France, and more but there has been little exploration of purely tropical climates in the series.

There are a few different pieces of evidence that point to Pokemon Sun and Moon having a tropical climate. For one, concept art seen in the video shows what appears to be a water gym. Surrounding this gym are tropical palm trees, which, of course, are native to tropical climates.

Art seen in the video also seems to show redesigns of Pokemarts and Pokemon Centers. The Pokemon Centers have a new round shape to them, similar to stereotypical huts one expects to see in tropical areas.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Set in a Tropical Area? - Pokemon Sun and Moon concept art

At the end of the announcement video, we see the wire frame of what will be a new bird Pokemon that's set to be introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which could be further evidence of the warmer setting. For example, Pokemon Black and White added Pidove, a bird Pokemon based on rock pigeons, to the Pokedex. Pokemon Black and White were set in the Unova region, which was based on New York City, and as anyone from NYC can attest, pigeons are commonplace.

Therefore, it stands to reason that the new bird Pokemon set to be joining the 722 pre-existing pocket monsters, would fit the theme of this particular game's setting. The fine folks at Twinfinite have pointed out that the wire frame of the new bird Pokemon somewhat resembles a bird that calls tropical regions home, specifically the red-crested cardinal.

Considering the aforementioned pieces of evidence, it seems reasonable to assume that Game Freak has decided to base the setting of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on a beach-based area. However, until Nintendo reveals more information about the games' setting in an official capacity, this conclusion should be taken as speculation. So far, all we really know for sure is that the games are coming at the end of the year for 3DS, and that Pokemon caught in the 3DS re-releases of Pokemon RedBlue, and Yellow can be transferred to them using Pokemon Bank.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available this holiday season, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Twinfinite (via Mobipicker)

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