New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals More Ultra Beasts

New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals More Ultra Beasts - Dugtrio Alola form

Just days before the games launch, Nintendo releases a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon that reveals more Ultra Beasts, Z-Moves, and Alola form Pokemon.

The release of Pokemon Sun and Moon is just days away, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from releasing yet another trailer for the titles to build fan anticipation. The latest trailer for the game is rather comprehensive, highlighting some of the new creatures that will be included, while also showing off Z-Moves for the fully-evolved forms of the starter Pokemon.

As for new creatures, the new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon highlights two more Ultra Beasts. One is called UB-03 Lightning, which is a tentacle creature with electric attacks, and the other is UB-05 Gluttony, which appears to channel ghost-type Pokemon. All of the Ultra Beasts are still mostly shrouded in mystery, and at this point, Nintendo is unlikely to reveal any additional information on them until launch, so fans will have to wait until Friday to learn more.

The new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon also reveals two more Alolan variants of first generation Pokemon. Both Diglett and its evolved form Dugtrio will have Alola forms, as previously leaked. Diglett's Alola form has a single blonde hair on top of its head, whereas Dugtrio has flowing golden locks, giving the Pokemon a much more comical look. Check out Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio in the trailer below:


As previously stated, the new trailer also showed off the Z-Moves for the fully-evolved starter Pokemon. Decidueye's Z-Move is called the Sinister Arrow Raid, and it involves launching about a dozen arrows while the grass/ghost Pokemon dive bombs its opponent. Primarina's Z-Move is called Oceanic Operetta, and sees the Pokemon create a large water sphere that is levitated to an enemy before it explodes.

Out of all the starter Pokemon Z-Moves, though, Incineroar's is probably the most eye-catching. Incineroar's Z-Move is called Malicious Moonsault, and it starts with the fire/dark-type Pokemon creating a professional wrestling ring to trap its opponent in. Incineroar then climbs to the top ropes, flips in mid-air, and lands on the enemy Pokemon.

The over-the-top nature of Z-Moves should go a long way in making Pokemon Sun and Moon feel like fresh experiences. Hopefully the other new additions to the formula, like Alola form Pokemon and Ultra Beasts, also help the games succeed. After all, Sun and Moon are Nintendo's biggest pre-orders ever, and so the company will have to put forth its best effort to avoid disappointing a huge number of its dedicated fans.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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