Pokemon Sun and Moon Features Pokemon Throwing Mini-Game

pokemon sun and moon pokemon throwing mini-game

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces a new mini-game which tasks the Pokemon trainer with throwing as many of the beached Pyukumuku back into the ocean as they can.

The Pokemon series has included a wide variety of mini-games over the years, but perhaps none as unusual as the one coming in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Gameplay footage has revealed that a new Pokemon mini-game involves chucking Pokemon into the open sea.

The clip of Pokemon's new mini-game was released by the Japanese comic magazine, V Jump. Based on the footage, a Pokemon Sun and Moon NPC will offer to pay the Pokemon trainer to throw Pyukumuku into the ocean. According to the game's lore, once the sea cucumber Pokemon Pyukumuku beaches itself, it won't move, even if the food in the area is scarce or non-existent. In short, it will die unless it's caught by a trainer or returned to the sea. Apparently one tradition in the Alola region is to throw Pyukumuku back into the ocean so that they can survive.

Seen in the video, one NPC will hire the trainer to toss the many Pyukumuku on the beach back into the ocean. The trainer can earn up to 20,000 of the game's currency performing this task, though the amount is probably based on how many are thrown back during a set time limit. Unfortunately, there's no animation accompanying the throw, and after the trainer approaches a Pyukumuku, it's only described in text how the Pokemon is thrown back into the sea. Whether the NPC is hiring the trainer to protect the Pokemon species or to prevent tourists from seeing a beach covered in sea cucumber Pokemon, players can make some money while doing a good deed for the day.


Although this is the first new mini-game announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon, it's certainly not the first new introduction. Pokemon Sun and Moon will not only receive a large amount of unique, brand-new Pokemon, including the beloved starter Pokemon Rowlet, but it will also see special Alola forms of existing Pokemon. In addition, gamers are looking forward to the new four-person Battle Royale mode which should help to make Pokemon battles even more intense. However, gamers still have to wait quite a while to get their hands on the game, as it won't release until the holiday season this year.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is the latest iteration of the long-running Pokemon series, and clearly the developers have been working hard to make the game feel welcoming to series fans without coming off like a rehash. Although the core formula of catching 'em all and battling to become the best trainer in the land is still the basic goal, it looks like there will be enough new features to keep veteran players entertained, too.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release on November 18th exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: YouTube (via Polygon)

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