The Pokemon Company releases its latest trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games, showcasing a number of previously leaked creatures and the fearsome Team Skull.

Catching ’em all has become a rather immense undertaking in recent years, as the number of known Pokemon continues to grow with every new core installment the franchise receives. This will, of course, continue to be the case with the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon later this November, but that hasn’t stopped eager fans from anticipating the reveal of new beasts that they’ll then be able to capture and condemn to life in a PC. Keeping that in mind, the existence of a few more monsters have been ousted by the latest trailer for the hotly anticipated pair of Pocket Monsters titles.

Admittedly, the trailer in question lost some of its impact because the majority of its contents – namely all of the new Pokemon in the trailer – were leaked ahead of their formal unveiling. Still, players have now been given a more intimate look at Morelull, Wishiwashi, Pyukumuku, and Alola Raichu within the new games. Additionally, Alola versions of Marowak and Meowth are also given some of the spotlight following their premature unveiling in CoroCoro magazine.

Those hoping to see the bevy of new Pokes in action can check out the latest trailer below.

All of these new Pokemon are great to finally see in-game, and dedicated followers of the series are sure to be chomping at the bit to see if any other beloved creatures from the first generation will follow suit with new forms. With that said, the introduction of Team Skull is another big revelation for those wondering which enemy they may be up against in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Setting aside the bone-chilling name of the faction, the newest villains seem to be taking a more Davy Jones meets hiphop aesthetic compared to baddy teams in the past. This is appropriate given that the newest region, Alola, is inspired by Hawaii, so the thug/pirate appearance of Team Skull’s members is a rather fitting bit of attire for the crew. The group’s leaders, Plumeria and Guzma, are also sure to pose quite a threat as well, but there’s little doubt that wannabe Pokemon Masters will be ready to meet the challenge when the titles arrive later this year.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are scheduled to arrive exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS on November 18, 2016.