Pokemon Sun and Moon: Which Starter Pokemon Is Right For You?


Players are able to choose either Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio when they start their adventure in Sun and Moon, but which Pokemon makes the most sense for their team?

It's one of the toughest decisions that gamers could ever make. Indeed, choosing a starter Pokemon is very rarely an easy task in any iteration of the series, and that remains especially true in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The pair of titles feature some very different creatures in the form of Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, but deciding which beast to take on your adventure across Alola could very well leave you scratching your head. With a unique blend of typing found in the later evolutions of the starters, and a myriad of possible moves to master along the way, we've decided to break down the value that each Pocket Monster brings with it.

So, which Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon starter is best for your planned squad? Read on to find out.



Aside from being one of the more popular Pokemon designs, Rowlet brings a lot of worthwhile advantages to trainers from the start of the game. The Grass/Flying-type and its corresponding moves, such as Razor Leaf and Peck, offer players options while taking on the likes of Grass, Bug, Water, Fighting, and Rock-types. With that said, there's a very big changeup to the monster's typing once it hits its final form, Decidueye, at level 34.

The owl-inspired archer becomes a Grass/Ghost-type upon arriving at its final evolution, which adds an entire layer of depth to its arsenal – allowing the beast to take on attacks like Leaf Blade, Brave Bird, and Spirit Shackle. It's a very unique creature in that sense, and its stats make it one of the more well rounded options for trainers. Suffice it to say, Rowlet and all of its corresponding forms add some nice depth to any Pokemon team.



As this iteration's feisty Fire-type, Litten is a pretty standard choice when it comes down to it. The creature is locked and loaded with a bevy of powerful Fire attacks to learn, which helps it get the edge on its competition from the early goings. However, this power initiative remains a standard throughout the entirety of its stay on any given trainer's team, as Litten's final form, Incineroar, transitions to a Fire/Dark-type at level 34 and gains attacks like Flare Blitz, Cross Chop, and even the Dragon-type maneuver known as Outrage.

With solid HP and decent-to-good Attack stats (based on its nature and training method), this creature takes on a worthwhile tank role for any squad. While it excels in some areas, it suffers most in the Speed department. This is pretty typical for a heavy-hitter, but its powerful arsenal and high health ensure that it's likely to stick around and lay waste to any 'mon once its turn comes around.



Considered by many to be the goofiest of the three starters, the Water-type Popplio hasn't managed to amass the same amount of love as either Rowlet or Litten. With that said, the seal Pokemon has a number of redeeming qualities that make it (and its evolutions) perfect for any Alolan citizen. What makes this particular beast so appealing, however, is the Water/Fairy-typing it gains in its final form. For those that were unsure, this makes it a valuable asset for taking on the ever-impressive lineup of Dragon-types that inhabit the islands of Alola.

Upon evolving into Primarina at level 34, the Pokemon formerly known as Popplio can learn powerful attacks like Hydro Pump and Moonblast. Outside of those, however, it's made clear that this Pokemon is set up to be a better support asset rather than a solo mainstay. With legitimately viable HP, Special Defense, and Special Attack stats backing it up, choosing Popplio can certainly serve a purpose from a competitive standpoint.

Knowing the team one wants to build before jumping into Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon certainly benefits players, but it all starts with framing a feasible unit around a starter. Whether it's Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio this time around comes down to personal preference, but fans the world over will surely find some redeeming qualities within any of these adorable Pocket Monsters.

Now, which will you choose?

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are currently available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.

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