Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Evolutions Revealed, Demo Incoming


New starter evolutions for Pokemon Sun and Moon are revealed, alongside the announcement that Greninja's powerful new form is finally playable in the game's demo.

With just over a month to go until the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo have released a new trailer showing off the first evolutions for the game's new starter Pokemon, alongside a range of new features.

Although the games release so soon, this is the first we've seen in regards to the starter evolutions, with The Pokemon Company preferring to unveil several of the new creatures that we'll be meeting for the first time in Sun and Moon instead.

Rowlet will become Dartrix, a Grass/Flying-type owl Pokemon who still sports a stylish leaf bowtie. Litten will evolve into Torracat, a Fire-type creature that essentially looks like an older version of the starter, only with a fiery orb at its neck. And finally, Popplio will transform into the Water-type Brionne, a slightly more glamorized seal creature who is still as happy-go-lucky as its pre-evolution form was.


The new trailer also gave us our first confirmation that Mega Evolution would continue to be present in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Although no new evolutions were confirmed, trainers will be using their Z-Rings, the source of the powerful new Z-Moves, to allow their Pokemon companions to transform into their Mega forms. One special new transformation will be present for Greninja however, with the Battle Bond ability allowing the creature to transform into its Ash-Greninja form mid-battle.

For those uninitiated, Ash-Greninja is a form that Ash's Greninja in the Pokemon XYZ anime achieved after bonding considerably with its trainer. In the new form, Greninja's appearance changes to resemble the attire of his trainer Ash, as his power greatly increases, but the Ash-Greninja form cannot be maintained for too long without the pair becoming exhausted. This special Pokemon can be obtained through the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo which will be released on October 18.

The trailer also revealed the game's Wi-Fi plaza, showing off various shops and mini-games that players can use to strengthen their Pokemon or unlock special items such as evolution stones. The brand-new Poké Pelago feature will even allow Pokemon in the players PC to be used to search for items, attract Pokemon, or even raise their own XP, depending on which tropical islands the player has their stored creatures visit.

What do you think of the Pokemon Sun and Moon starter evolutions Ranters? Will you be playing the demo?

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released on November 18, 2016 for 3DS.

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