Snorlax Stands Up in New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

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A new trailer officially releases for Pokemon Sun and Moon, showing off a new Alola form for Rattata, special Z-Moves, and Snorlax finally getting in-gear.

If gamers ever needed another reason to be excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo has us all covered with the title's latest trailer. Trainers that purchase their copy of the latest games in the Pokemon franchise early will get a very special bonus - access to a Munchlax holding Snorlium Z. The Normal-Type Pokemon evolves into fan-favorite creature Snorlax who can put that item to good use, with its signature Z-Move "Pulverizing Pancake" flattening the competition.

The giant creature isn't usually one for showing off bursts of energy, but now that it has been lying down for 20 years, it seems that the Pokemon has finally mustered up the strength for one massive attack. The choice to give a special move to Snorlax is probably a wise decision, given the creature's popularity. Recently, thousands of Pokemon GO players stampeded through Taiwan in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the sleep-loving Pokemon.

It seems that Snorlax isn't the only creature getting a unique Z-Move, with Raichu's Alola form showing off its new Electric-Type Z-Move "Stoked Sparksurfer." A range of other Pokemon will reportedly be getting their own once-per-battle moves, although there are also generic moves for each type.


The trailer also revealed that Rattata will be the latest Pokemon to be getting a new Alola form, something that should make old school Pokemon players very happy. The mouse Pokemon gets a new, black appearance, alongside an additional Dark-Typing, which should help for future permadeath runs, should people continue to attempt to solo the Pokemon franchise with nothing but a Rattata.

In other Pokemon Sun and Moon news, it seems as if the upcoming games will feature more differences than just the Alola forms and Z-Moves. New Pokemon Pyukumuku will have its own minigame, where players are tasked with throwing as many of the beached creatures back into the water as possible in the given time.

In terms of the game's story, we have very little details to share just yet, thanks to Nintendo keeping quiet about what players will be experiencing the the new Alola region. What we do know is the name of the game's antagonists, Team Skull, who will presumably be attempting to influence the day/night cycle itself, given the titles of the games.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are scheduled to arrive exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS on November 18, 2016.

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