Pokemon Sun and Moon Adding Pokemon Snap Type Feature

Pokemon Snap might not be getting a remaster any time soon, but Pokemon Sun and Moon players will be able to recreate the classic experience using the new Poke Finder feature.

Today has been host to a huge amount of new information for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games. However, none is more exciting than the confirmation that the new 3DS titles will have a photography feature, similar to the popular Nintendo 64 game: Pokemon Snap.

A new program, known as the Poke Finder, will be loaded into the player's Rotom Dex, allowing trainers to take pictures of their favorite Pokemon at specific locations around Alola. Once a picture is taken, it will be evaluated and scored, with better pictures allowing the player access to new camera features such as the zoom function.

One screenshot even seems to suggest that Nintendo will also be allowing Pokemon fans to share their best pictures online so as to be judged by other Sun and Moon players, though we don't have confirmation of that at this point. Common Pokemon such as Pikachu will be easily available for capture on the trainer's camera, as well as far rarer creatures such as a seemingly wild Dragonite which looks far harder to photograph.

Due to only specific areas allowing for Poke Finder use, it's very unlikely that we will see the opportunity to capture all of the game's Pokemon on our camera lens. Nevertheless, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities throughout the trainer's adventures around the Alola islands.


The feature is undeniably similar to Pokemon Snap's system of having Professor Oak rate protagonist Todd Snap's pictures in return for extra camera features such as zooming in. While many fans are undoubtedly still holding out hope for a remaster or sequel, the Poke Finder is a nice callback to what was a generally well-received spin-off title.

The Poke Finder isn't the only new addition to Pokemon Sun and Moon that will help set the game's apart from previous titles, however. The Pokemon Company have a few tricks up their sleeves, including new Z-Moves, powerful once-per-battle attacks that can help players turn the tide of the game's more difficult fights.

The games will also include new Alolan forms for several classic creatures, such as Raichu, Sandslash, and an incredible-looking Exeggutor. It's a nice way of bringing back fan-favorite creatures while also adding a bit of variation, just like Mega-Evolution did for Pokemon X and Y. It also acts as a means to put the game's new tropical region to good use, seeing the regional differences that each Pokemon have acquired due to the hotter climate.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are set to arrive exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS on November 18, 2016.

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