About a couple of weeks ago, fans of the role-playing games Pokemon Sun and Moon were able to receive a level 50 Charizard for free by visiting a participating Target store from October 1, 2017 through October 14, 2017, where they could receive it with a code card. Now, it looks as if the developers are ready to continue doling out special Pocket Monsters to players through promotional tie-ins, as GameStop will be distributing a Shiny version of Silvally to fans beginning on October 23, 2017.

Since players couldn’t catch Silvally in Pokemon Sun and Moon, GameStop’s offer is going to be the only way for players to be able to get a legitimate Shiny version of Silvally, the artificially created creature that has the ability to shift its type when holding certain items. For those unaware, Silvally and its pre-evolved form, Type: Null, were both created by the Aether Foundation in order to fight Ultra Beasts, with the Pokemon then being put into stasis when their powers proved to be too hard to control.

This Shiny Silvally for Pokemon Sun and Moon comes with the move Multi-Attack – which changes types to match Silvally’s type – Parting Shot, Punishment, and Scary Face. Not to mention, the creature will also come with a Gold Bottle Cap, which can be used by players to alter the core stats of a Pokemon. As soon as GameStop makes this deal available, players will have until November 13, 2017 to get the Shiny Silvally.

As it so happens, GameStop is distributing the Shiny Silvally to correspond with the release of a new expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game called “Crimson Invasion.” In addition to Silvally, the new expansion is going to be the first card set to have Ultra Beasts. What’s more is that next month, The Pokemon Company is also releasing a Shiny Silvally-GX Pokemon Trading Card Game box that comes with a special Shiny version of the Silvally-GX card and four booster packs.

Taking all of this into consideration, GameStop’s release of the Shiny Silvally for Pokemon Sun and Moon will likely result in a decent amount of foot traffic for its myriad stores. Of course, the company is surely hoping Pokemon Sun and Moon fans’ decision to visit a shop to get the creature will result in players’ purchase or pre-order of any number of the most anticipated games for holiday 2017.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is available now for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.

Source: WWG