Pokemon Sun & Moon Guide: How to Farm Shiny Pokemon Easily


Getting shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon is as rare as ever, but there is a method to make things a lot easier for players looking to get their hands on them.

There's a 1 in 8192 chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon every time a battle begins in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Because the chances are so slim, most people will go their entire playthrough without finding even one shiny creature, but we've got a method that should have you finding your very own special Pokemon in a matter of hours.

First of all it's time for a little set-up. You're going to need a Pokemon with either False Swipe or Holdback, moves that will drop an enemy down to just 1HP instead of just knocking it out. It's also best to have a non-damaging move for stalling. Next you'll need the Adrenaline Orb, purchasable from Pokemon centres after you've completed Mallow's trial in the Lush Jungle. After that, it's just a matter of choosing which shiny Pokemon you want.


If you want to see what the new Pokemon look like in their shiny forms, before putting in the time and effort needed to find them, there are plenty of sprites available online. Thanks to the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo datamining, all the new creatures introduced in the newly-released games have their shiny forms available to view.

Once you've encountered your chosen Pokemon in the wild, reduce it down to low health and use your newly purchased Adrenaline Orb. The item makes it more likely that the enemy will call for help, something that happens more often when the Pokemon's health is low anyway. If the creature doesn't immediately call for assistance, use your non-damaging move to prevent a K.O.

When another enemy does appear, it will be superior in one of three ways: better individual values (IVs), it'll have a hidden ability, or it'll be shiny. Then simply keep knocking out every helper Pokemon that is called in until a shiny creature arrives. Once it does, defeat the original Pokemon, lower the health of the shiny, and capture it with a Pokeball. Congratulations, you now have a shiny Pokemon!

This is a useful strategy when it comes to collecting shiny Pokemon at a far faster rate than normal, something that will help you save a lot of time that could be spent progressing in the game's impressive story. It seems that Pokemon GO may have also caught the shiny fever, seeing as special variants of each Pokemon might now be included in the incredibly successful mobile game.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now, exclusively for 2DS and 3DS.

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