Pokemon Sun & Moon May Have Game-Breaking Bug [UPDATE]


Wannabe Pokemon Masters begin reporting a potential game breaking bug in Pokemon Sun and Moon that can allegedly wipe out all of player's hard-fought save data.

UPDATE: A new report has surfaced (via Kotaku) claiming that the bug in question is being encountered through those utilizing PKHeX, a piece of software that allows players to jump around the in-game world to capture rare Pokes. The application's creator has since issued a statement stating that PKHeX is the reason for these reported glitches, and apparently it's a rather simple fix for those currently caught within it. Furthermore, this issue has been patched out of the app as of November 18th.


If this is the legitimate cause of the reported issues in Pokemon Sun and Moon, then it just goes to show that cheaters don't prosper.

Original Story:

There's little question that gamers the world over have been enjoying the latest installments of the Pokemon franchise. Indeed, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have found quite an audience even prior to release, as it was confirmed that the games are the most preordered Nintendo titles of all time. With the games now firmly in the hands of consumers, however, a new glitch has seemingly been exposed that could completely ruin the entire experience for those that aren't made aware of its presence prior to saving their game in either a Pokemon Center or the titles' Battle Tree.

According to several players on both Reddit and Twitter, saving in certain areas of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon can cause the user's avatar to simply disappear – leaving gamers stuck where they last saved, with no chance of escape. This problem appears to be popping up across several games, although Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have yet to comment on the bug. With that said, a gamer going by the handle of Ray2R has fallen victim to the glitch, and has uploaded a video of it to YouTube as proof.

Those curious about the apparent issue can check out the footage of it in action below.


This isn't the first time that Pocket Monster games have run into saving issues. Many may recall that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y had a similar game breaking bug upon their release, and this forced Nintendo to release a patch for the titles shortly after. If the same hiccup has once again reared its head, gamers will need to be weary – especially if they've progressed substantially into the game itself. At this point, however, it would be a sound strategy to avoid saving in either Pokemon Centers or the Battle Tree area to be safe.

Those that can avoid falling victim to this error are likely enjoying their time in the Alola region, though. Game Rant's review of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon praised the titles for offering a massive step forward, while still honoring the series' past, so the content that is accessible has our glowing recommendation.

In the meantime, stay tuned to Game Rant for any updates by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company on this apparent Sun and Moon bug.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are currently available, exclusively on Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS.

Sources: Reddit & Twitter

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