Pokemon Sun and Moon Are Fastest Selling Nintendo Games in the UK


Pokemon Sun and Moon break records for UK sales, becoming the fastest selling Nintendo games in history and taking the top spot from previous holder Wii Fit.

Ever since the first games in the series released, Pokemon has been a part of video game royalty, earning players by the boatload. In spite of its place at the top table of gaming, however, there has certainly been an increased amount of buzz surrounding Pokemon Sun and Moon, the latest iterations of the franchise. As it turns out, this seems to also be translating into sales for the games, with the duo breaking a rather impressive record.

Pokemon Sun and Moon have made UK gaming history since the games saw their European release on November 23, 2016. According to EuroGamer, the latest Pokemon titles are officially the fastest selling Nintendo release in the UK ever, making them the company's most successful game launch. This means that Pokemon Sun and Moon have taken over the top prize from Wii Fit, which was the previous holder of the title.

In spite of this sales success, Pokemon Sun and Moon have only taken the third and fourth spots in the charts for their first week on sale. FIFA 17 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare took the top two places, propelled by some solid Black Friday deals. It's worth noting, of course, that the Pokemon games have had their sales split between two games, and that the combined sales of both games would easily have seen the titles take number one.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Topped Game Sales at GameStop - Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers

When compared to previous Pokemon games, however, the success of Pokemon Sun and Moon is clear for all to see. The most recent games in the series actually managed to earn double the first week sales of previous titles Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, which offers some stark perspective. Even though Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire acted as remakes of previous games in the franchise, Sun and Moon have still dwarfed their opposition, making money as fast as players can in the games themselves.

There's been some speculation on exactly why the games have gained such a large amount of interest, with the titles also the most pre-ordered in Nintendo's history. In particular, Pokemon GO seems to have been a resounding factor in Sun and Moon's success so far, with the hugely popular mobile title reinvigorating interest in Pokemon overall. Aside from outside popularity, however, Sun and Moon themselves have all the makings of gaming classics in their own right.

Whether or not Pokemon Sun and Moon will keep up the pace remains to be seen, but so far the games are off to a flyer. Plenty of gamers have decided to take to the titles, and are discovering new mysteries to solve such as where to find all the Zygarde cells and how to boost friendship fast. Let's see what other secrets can be found.

Source: EuroGamer

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