Japanese Pokemon Sun & Moon Players Get Ash's Hat For Pikachu

pokemon sun moon japan players get ashs hat for pikachu

A new promotion to coincide with the Japanese release of PokemonI Choose You has now been revealed. Viewers will be gifted a special code to unlock a version of Ash's hat for Pikachu to wear in Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Rather than only celebrating one incarnation of Ash's classic hat, multiple versions of the hats that Ash has worn over the years will be available in-game. Players in Japan will be granted a code upon reserving their tickets for Pokemon: I Choose You that they can redeem to unlock the hat in-game. However, the hat received depends upon when the player redeems the code.

The original Pokemon league hat worn during the first season of the show can be unlocked from April 15th to May 1st. If players miss this window, they will have another chance between July 19th and July 31st. Subsequent hats include the Hoenn Cap, which can be redeemed from May 3rd to May 15th, then August 2nd through August 14th. The Sinnoh Cap can be unlocked from May 17th until May 29th, and again from August 16th through August 28th. The Unova cap will be unlockable from May 31st to June 12th, then August 30th to September 11th. The Kalos cap can be picked up from June 14th to June 26th, then again September 13th through September 25th. Lastly, the Alola Cap is available from June 28th until July 17th, and again from September 27th to October 9th. Whichever hat players choose, it will add another charming in-game throwback to the original Pokemon master, much like Ash-Greninja.

Regardless of when players redeem the code, they will also be given a Pikashumium Z-Crystal, which will give Pikachu the ability to use the 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt Z-Move. This move has never been unlocked in the game before, which should make it plenty enticing for players.

Unfortunately, there's no news at this time as to when or if the film will be released in the west. However, the Pokemon films are typically dubbed and released in the United States, so there's no reason to think that Pokemon: I Choose You won't see a western release. In addition, considering that Pokemon: I Choose You is a retelling of the very first episodes of the original Pokemon series and the recent theater re-release of Mewtwo Strikes Back - the first Pokemon film - was quite popular, it seems unlikely that Nintendo would miss this opportunity. Whether or not it offer the same bonus to viewers in the west, however, remains to be seen.

Pokemon: I Choose You releases in Japan on July 15th.

Source: Serebii

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