While the new Pokemon Sun and Moon footage was a huge disappointment, Junichi Masuda confirms that there will be over 10 new creatures coming to the games.

During a Japanese variety show that aired on Sunday, many Nintendo fans awaited the previously promised new footage for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Unfortunately for those of us in the West, nothing new was revealed during the show that we haven’t already seen.

Pokemon series director Junichi Masuda showed off the new games with a trailer (shown above) that is reportedly new to Japan, but it’s one that the rest of the world already viewed during the recent Pokemon-themed Direct that first revealed the existence of Sun and Moon. As the dislike bar on the video suggests, fans are not happy about the lack of new content shown and are taking out their frustration on the video uploader MyGamingBoulevard.

The presentation wasn’t a complete waste of time, however, as Masuda was asked about how many new Pokemon would be present in Sun and Moon – and the director jokingly answered that there will be more than 10. While this doesn’t tell us much, it is the first real confirmation of new Pokemon in the new games which is exciting in it’s own way. On the other hand, it could mean that there are as few as 11 new creatures coming, which leaves room only for the 3 starters and their evolutions, the previously revealed Magearna, and the bird Pokemon from the trailer. Of course, we’ll probably be getting 2 new legendary creatures for the front of the boxes too, so that brings the minimum total up to at least 13.

Pokemon Sun Moon Bird

It’s more than likely that we’ll be seeing a new generation of monsters though, especially since Pokemon Sun and Moon are thought to be taking place in a new tropical region. It’s possible that Nintendo will adapt the same strategy as they did with Pokemon X/Y, bringing back old favorites from the older generations in order to make the game appeal to fans of the original titles, while saving themselves from having to come up with too many new creatures. After all, since the Pokedex is home to 722 monsters at present, it must be getting harder and harder for the company to continue designing unique Pokemon to meet demand.

Despite this disappointing trailer being re-revealed to the public, the wait for new information is not going to be much longer. The April edition of Japanese magazine CoroCoro is expected to release the weekend of April 15th, bringing new Pokemon Sun and Moon news. Like before the release of X and Y, CoroCoro could be revealing the 3 starter Pokemon allowing players to begin making their decision on which partner to pick before the titles release.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for release in Holiday 2016, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

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