Pokemon Sun and Moon: Six New Pokemon Revealed

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Six New Pokemon Revealed - Mimikyu

A new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon drops, revealing six new Pokemon and two new features for the franchise in the form of online competitions and hyper training.

While Pokemon fans may be busy with the mobile hit Pokemon GO at the moment, there's still the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon to look forward to as well. Pokemon Sun and Moon will be introducing brand new Pokemon to the franchise, and a new trailer for the games have revealed six of the new creatures trainers can catch later this year.

The newly revealed Pokemon include some interesting type combinations. For example, Wimpod is a bug/water-type with the "wimp out" ability, allowing it to automatically flee from battles when it has taken too much damage. There's also Mimikyu, a ghost/fairy-type that tries to make itself look like Pikachu to get affection.

Mimikyu was previously revealed in the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine, but this is the first time it's been seen in action, and with its English name. Another Pokemon revealed in the latest issue of CoroCoro, a normal/fighting-type named Bewear, is also given a proper introduction in the trailer.


Besides Wimpod, Mimikyu, and Bewear, the trailer also reveals three other new Pokemon. The first is Bounsweet, a grass-type Pokemon with leaf guard and oblivious for its abilities, and there's also Mudsdale, a ground-type Pokemon that looks like a horse. Finally, there's Comfey, a fairy-type that resembles a lei, which fits well with Pokemon Sun and Moon's Hawaiian-inspired Alola region.

The latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon doesn't just reveal new Pokemon, however. It also shines a light on two new features that are being introduced to the franchise in these entries. This includes the ability for players to host their own online competitions using Pokemon Global Link, and hyper training. Hyper training will allow players to pay a man named Mr. Hyper (apparently with bottle caps, of all things) to improve the stats of their level 100 Pokemon even further.

With the Pokemon franchise reaching new heights of popularity thanks to the virtually unprecedented success of Pokemon GO, Nintendo will probably try to convert some of those mobile gamers to Pokemon Sun and Moon players by revealing more new content for the game over the next few weeks. If Nintendo can translate the general public's enthusiasm for Pokemon GO into sales for Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Big N should be able to continue its momentum in a big way.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: The Official Pokemon Channel - YouTube

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