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Updated 10/27/2016

A complete list of all the new Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon so far, including Alola-specific creatures, Alolan form Pokemon, Ultra Beasts, and more!

Whenever new main series Pokemon games come out, fans can look forward to a new batch of the titular creatures being introduced as well. Since announcing Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo has revealed numerous new Pokemon that will be featured in the games, and we've collected all of them in one place for those that wish to prepare themselves ahead of Sun and Moon's release.

Alola Region Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon take place in the Alola region, and like other regions, it is home to plenty of unique Pokemon. So far, 53 new Pokemon have been revealed as Alola region natives.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Rowlet

One of the first new Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon, Rowlet is one of the three starters players can choose from at the start of their adventure. As a Grass/Flying-type Pokemon, Rowlet is an especially unique starter, and is in fact the first starter Pokemon in series history that is a Flying-type.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Dartrix

As the evolved form of Rowlet, Dartrix adds a classic grass-type attack to its repertoire:  Razor Leaf.


Pokemon Sun and Moon - Decidueye

The final form of Rowlet, Decidueye is all about speed. It abandons its status as a flying-type in favor of being a grass/ghost-type, a first for a starter Pokemon's evolution line. Since it is a ghost-type, Decidueye can learn the new move Spirit Shackle.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Litten

The "fire cat" Pokemon, Litten is the resident Fire-type starter for the Alola region. Litten knows Ember right off the bat, unlike other Fire-types in the past that have to learn it through training, making it a powerful ally for trainers.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Torracat

The bell-like object on Torracat is not just for decoration. On the contrary, it is an organ that allows it to unleash its fire-type attacks, including Flamethrower.


Pokemon Sun and Moon - Incineroar

Incineroar's appearance and classification take inspiration from the world of professional wrestling. The "Heel" Pokemon, Incineroar is surprisingly not a fighting type Pokemon. On the contrary, it is a fire/dark-type, and has a unique move called the Darkest Lariat at its disposal.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Popplio

Popplio is the Water-type starter Pokemon that players can pick at the beginning of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Popplio's design has come under some scrutiny by fans, but since it knows Water Gun without having to level up, its capability in combat should more than make up for its lackluster appearance.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Brionne

Like Popplio, Brionne has been criticized for its appearance, but that doesn't mean it isn't a valuable addition to any trainer's lineup of Pokemon. Brionne knows the classic water-type attack Bubblebeam, which should make it a formidable threat against fire- and rock-type Pokemon.


Pokemon Sun and Moon - Primarina

Primarina is making history as the first Pokemon that evolves from a starter to be classified as a fairy-type. More specifically, Primarina is a water/fairy-type that can learn the move Sparkling Aria.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Rockruff

At first glance, Pokemon trainers may mistake Rockruff, the "puppy Pokemon," for a Normal-type. On the contrary, Rockruff is actually a Rock-type Pokemon, and will have either the Keen Eye or Vital Spirit ability once captured.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Lycanroc

Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc, but Lycanroc's appearance will change based on whether players are playing Pokemon Sun or Moon. In Pokemon Sun, Lycanroc takes its midday form (seen above), and in Pokemon Moon, it takes on its slightly more sinister midnight form.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Komala

The Pokemon franchise is certainly no stranger to sleepy Pokemon, and Pokemon Sun and Moon are adding another one to the mix. Komala is a Pokemon that is literally always asleep, which will give it a unique moveset based around this concept.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Pikipek

It seems every Pokemon generation has a new Normal/Flying-type bird to add to the ever-growing list of pocket monsters, and Pokemon Sun and Moon are no different. Thanks to Nintendo's E3 2016 Treehouse presentation, we know that Pikipek can be captured on Route 1, and that it can evolve twice, but we have yet to see its evolved forms.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Yungoos

Filling the rodent Normal-type role that is common for each Pokemon generation, Yungoos is unique in that it's not actually native to the Alola region. Apparently, Yungoos were transported to the Alola region from elsewhere, so perhaps we will explore its native region in a future Pokemon game.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Gumshoos

Players that capture a Yungoos Pokemon Sun and Moon will be able to evolve it into a Gumshoos eventually. The exact level Yungoos evolves at is unknown at this point, but that information may become available as we near closer to Sun and Moon's November release date.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Grubbin

Whereas Pokemon like Pikipek and Yungoos embody typical Pokemon archetypes, so too does Grubbin. The Alola region's Bug-type Pokemon, Grubbin, should be found early on in the games for anyone that wishes to capture one for their roster.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Charjabug

Players that usually skip catching Bug-type Pokemon like Grubbin may want to reconsider, thanks to its evolved form, Charjabug. Charjabug's added Electric-type makes it rather formidable compared to most Bug-type Pokemon, and should allow it to do serious damage to Flying- and Water-types.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Vikavolt

Once Charjabug reaches a certain level, it ascends to its final evolved form, Vikavolt. Like Charjabug, Vikavolt is a Bug/Electric-type Pokemon. Vikavolt's Levitation ability and its devastating Zap Cannon maneuver should make it worth catching and training a Grubbin.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Drampa

One Pokemon type that seems to be getting a lot of attention in Pokemon Sun and Moon is the Dragon-type. Some think this is a way for Game Freak to make the Fairy-type classification more useful, but regardless, one of the first new Dragon-types revealed for the games was Drampa. It has the powerful Dragon Breath attack, as well as the Berserk and Sap Sipper abilities at its disposal.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Bruxish

Bruxish is a Water/Psychic-type Pokemon. Water/Psychic-types are fairly uncommon in the world of Pokemon, with only four other Water/Psychic-types available before Bruxish's introduction, making it unique for more than just its colorful appearance.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Cutiefly

Cutiefly is a Bug/Fairy-type Pokemon that knows the move Fairy Wind. Not much else is known about Cutiefly, but footage of its possible evolved form has been shown by Nintendo in the past. Expect Cutiefly's evolved form to be detailed in a future trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Ribombee

The evolved form of Cutiefly, Ribombee was first spotted in an earlier gameplay trailer for Sun and Moon, but had its official introduction on October 14th.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Togedemaru

Like Pikachu before it, Togedemaru is an adorable electric rodent. Known as the "roly-poly Pokemon," Togedemaru is a duel Electric/Steel-type that is sure to become a fan favorite.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Salandit

Litten isn't the only Fire-type Pokemon available in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Another Fire-type that has been revealed for the games is Salandit, the Poison/Fire-type known as the toxic lizard Pokemon.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Stufful

No offense to the artists at Game Freak, but Stufful looks like a Pokemon that could be considered among the dumbest-looking Pokemon. Based on a stuffed animal, Stufful has a "tail" that is actually a tag, and just has a confusing appearance all around. Something else strange about Stufful is that it is a Normal/Fighting-type, which doesn't really fit with its appearance.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Bewear

Bewear is the evolved form of Stufful, but for some reason, it was revealed first. Since Bewear doesn't stand on all fours like Stufful, its status as a Normal/Fighting-type is a little easier to swallow, but it remains to be seen if fans will embrace its teddy bear appearance or not.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Mimikyu

The first Fairy/Ghost-type Pokemon in series history, Mimikyu has somewhat of a sad backstory. Due to its aversion to sunlight, Mimikyu is forced to isolate in dark places, which makes it lonely. It wears a Pikachu costume in an attempt to make it more appealing to trainers and make friends.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Wimpod

Revealed this past July, Wimpod is a Bug/Water-type known as the "turn tail Pokemon." It's a Pokemon that is known for its cowardice, but should still be effective battle thanks to its Wimp Out ability and useful moves like Struggle Bug.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Bounsweet

Said to be popular among the people of the Alola region due to its delicious smell, Bounsweet is a Grass-type Pokemon. As far as Grass-type Pokemon go, Bounsweet seems pretty typical, but it evolves into some interesting Pokemon.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Steenee

Steenee is the evolved form of Bounsweet, and brings with it some unique personality traits compared to its predecessor.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Tsareena

Tsareena is the final evolved form of Bounsweet, and it brings with it a brand new ability called Queenly Majesty. With the Queenly Majesty ability, Tsareena can block the priority moves of enemy Pokemon.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Comfey

It's no secret that the Alola region is based on tropical areas like Hawaii, so it's fitting that there is a Pokemon based on a lei. What may surprise some about Comfey is that it isn't a Grass-type Pokemon, but rather a Fairy-type, as the flowers it surrounds itself with are taken from the ground, and not actually a part of its body.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Mudbray

Mudbray are said to be nearly extinct, and can only be found in the Alola region. A Ground-type horse Pokemon, Mudbray evolves into the powerful Mudsdale.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Mudsdale

Mudsdale is rather slow, so don't expect much from its speed stat. However, what Mudsdale lacks in speed it makes up for with raw strength and power, standing at over eight feet tall and weighing more than 2,000 pounds.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Minior

Most of the time, Minior surrounds itself in a hard shell made from debris it collected in outerspace. However, if its shell is destroyed, its core is exposed. Minior's core can be a number of different colors, but it's unclear what in the game will influence the color of its core, or if it will be random. Regardless, as one of the only Rock/Flying-type Pokemon in existence, expect Minior to be a highly sought after Pokemon come launch.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Formantis

Formantis is a Grass-type Pokemon that apparently excels at long-range combat. Some of the long-ranged moves revealed for Formantis include Solar Beam and Razor Leaf, which should make it an effective Pokemon to bring into battle.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Lurantis

The evolved form of Fomantis, Lurantis retains its predecessor's Grass-type status. In the games, Lurantis will be one of the Totem Pokemon that players have to battle in the trials, which is a challenge that takes the place of the traditional gym battles from previous entries in the franchise.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Oricorio

Oricorio is a Flying-type bird Pokemon that can have four different secondary types and appearances depending on what island players are on in the game. Pokemon Sun and Moon has four different islands, and so Oricorio has four different forms:  Fire/Flying, Electric/Flying, Psychic/Flying, and Ghost/Flying.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Sandygast

There's been Pokemon based on ice cream and even bags of garbage, so why not a Pokemon that looks like a sandcastle? Sandygast is a sandcastle-in-progress, Ghost/Ground-type Pokemon that has a special Water Compaction ability.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Palossand

Once a Sandygast evolves, it transforms into a fully-formed sandcastle known as Palossand. Palossand retains the Water Compaction ability of Sandygast, as well as its Ghost/Ground-type status.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi appears to be a relatively generic fish Pokemon at first glance, but it has a special ability called Schooling that makes it much more formidable when it is low on health. When a Wishiwashi is in danger, it is able to summon a ton of other Wishiwashi to join it in battle, forming a massive whale-shaped creature in the process.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Pyukumuku

Pyukumuku was revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon in August. It looks like a rock creature of some sort, but don't let its appearance fool you. Pyukumuku is actually a Water-type Pokemon, and it has a tendency to shoot its organs at its enemies.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Morelull

The nocturnal Morelull is a Grass/Fairy-type Pokemon. Upon capture, players can expect Morelull to come with either the Illuminate or Effect Spore ability.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Turtonator

For one reason or another, Nintendo decided to give Turtonator its very own trailer at this past year's Gamescom event. Turtonator is a Fire/Dragon-type Pokemon, with a move that only it can learn, Shell Trap. When Shell Trap is activated, any Pokemon that lands a physical attack on Turtonator will suffer much more damage in return in a fiery explosion.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Crabrawler

Crabrawler is a Fighting-type Pokemon, which confuses some fans, as many think it should also be a Water-type. However, Crabrawler appears to be based on the coconut crab, which is a real world crab notorious for its inability to swim.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Jangmo-o

Earlier we stated that Pokemon Sun and Moon appear to be adding more Dragon-type Pokemon than usual, and Jangmo-o is yet another example. The small creature is just the first form of a more impressive beast.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Hakamo-o

Hakamo-o is a dragon/fighting-type, the very first of its kind in the world of Pokemon. Hakamo-o can learn the powerful move Sky Uppercut, so it's not only unique, but it should prove to be one of the more powerful new Pokemon introduced in Sun and Moon.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Kommo-o

Hakamo-o is impressive as it is, but its final evolved form is sure to be one of the more popular new Pokemon in Sun and Moon. Kommo-o is a large dragon/fighting-type Pokemon, with an added attack called Clinging Scales.

Type: Null

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Type: Null

Out of all the Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon so far, Type: Null may be the strangest. Type: Null is not a Pokemon found in nature; rather, it was created by humans as an attempt to recreate the power of mythical Pokemon. Apparently based on a chimera, Type: Null is an odd-looking Pokemon with creepy origins, but despite being a combination of many different creatures, it is a Normal-type.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Silvally

Silvally is the evolved form of Type: Null. While it is typically labeled as a Normal-type Pokemon, players are able to manipulate its typing using in-game items, making Silvally one of the most versatile Pokemon there is.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Passimian

Passimian is a fighting-type Pokemon that is exclusive to Pokemon Sun.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Oranguru

Oranguru is Passimian's Pokemon Moon counterpart.


Pokemon Sun and Moon - Cosmog

Cosmog is a psychic-type Pokemon whose appearance is based on outerspace. Cosmog will be one of the rarer Pokemon that players can find while exploring the Alola region.

Tapu Koko

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko is an Electric/Fairy-type Pokemon that is said to be the guardian deity of Melemele Island.

Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele is a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon that, like Tapu Koko, is a guardian deity. It has the special ability Psychic Surge.

Tapu Bulu

Pokemon Sun and Moon - Tapu Bulu

Tapu Bulu is a guardian deity Pokemon of the Grass/Fairy-type. It has the special ability Grassy Surge.

Tapu Fini

Pokemon Sun and Moon - Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini is a Water/Fairy-type Pokemon, and it is also a guardian deity in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Its special ability is called Misty Surge.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Solgaleo

One of the legendary Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon, Solgaleo is featured on the box art of Pokemon Sun. Solgaleo is a Psychic/Steel-type Pokemon with the special ability Full Metal Body, meaning that its stats can't be lowered by any of the attacks of enemy Pokemon. Full Metal Body alone should make Solgaleo one of the most intimidating pocket monsters around.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Lunala

Like Solgaleo, Lunala is a legendary Pokemon. Lunala can be found on the cover of Pokemon Moon, and is likely exclusive to that game. It has the special ability Shadow Shield, which means it will take less damage when a Pokemon with full HP hits it with an attack.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Magearna

The man-made Steel/Fairy-type Pokemon Magearna will be featured in a Pokemon anime movie, but it's unclear if it will be obtainable in either Pokemon Sun or Moon. Since it is a mythical Pokemon, players may only be able to catch it during special events.

Alolan Form Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon will give trainers a chance to capture new forms of their favorite first generation Pokemon. These Pokemon evolved in the Alola region differently due to its special climate, and to date, 12 Alolan form Pokemon have been revealed for the games.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Sandshrew

Sandrew's Alolan form is quite the departure from its usual self. Whereas Sandshrew is typically a Ground-type Pokemon, Alolan Sandshrew is an Ice/Steel-type, and possesses the Snow Cloak ability as a result.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Sandslash

As the evolved form of Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash is also an Ice/Steel-type with the Snow Cloak ability.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Vulpix

In its original form, Vulpix was a Fire-type Pokemon, but Alolan Vulpix is an Ice-type. It looks very similar to the original Vulpix for the most part, except for having pure white fur instead of red.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Ninetails

Alolan Ninetails is both an Ice- and Fairy-type Pokemon. Like Alolan Vulpix, it has the Snow Cloak ability.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Exeggutor

The Alolan form that has probably turned the most heads is Exeggutor's. Whereas Exeggutor was a fairly unimpressive Grass/Psychic-type Pokemon in its original form, Alolan Exeggutor ditches the psychic typing in favor of being a Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon. This gives Alolan Exeggutor access to a wealth of attacks that it couldn't learn before, and should make it much more popular than it has been in the past. To that end, its new look, which includes a much longer neck and a tail, should also get Exeggutor some extra attention from Pokemon Sun and Moon players.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Meowth

According to reports, the Pokemon Meowth isn't even native to the Alola region, but was sent there as a gift from another region. Over the years, Meowth adapted to its new region, resulting in the Alolan Meowth seen above. Alolan Meowth is a Dark-type Pokemon, so it's devious new look is certainly fitting.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Marowak

Initially, Marowak is a Ground-type Pokemon, but any Marowak found in the wild in the Alola region is considered a Fire/Ghost-type. Considering Marowak's tragic backstory, its ghost typing seems appropriate, and that combined with its ability to learn a variety of fire-based attacks should make it an interesting Pokemon to do battle with.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Raichu

Perhaps due to the incredible popularity of Pikachu, Raichu has been somewhat overlooked over the years. Raichu is looking to make that change with its Alolan form, which makes it a great deal cuter, and also makes it an Electric/Psychic-type Pokemon.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Rattata

Dedicated Pokemon GO players may be sick of seeing Rattata by now, but its Alolan form should mix things up a bit. Alolan Rattata is a Dark/Normal-type Pokemon, and its new appearance could help it become more popular than its original form.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Raticate

Since Rattata has an Alolan form, it's only fitting that Raticate does as well. Raticate is a Dark/Normal-type Pokemon, with the same dark fur as Alolan Rattata, and a slightly tweaked appearance that makes it look more like a hamster than a rat.

Alolan Grimer

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Grimer

Whereas the original Grimer is just a pile of purple ooze, the Alolan Grimer adds a bit more color to its appearance. Trading the dark shades of black and purple for green and yellow, Alolan Grimer may prove to be more popular than the original form of the Pokemon.

Alolan Muk

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Alolan Muk

Alolan Grimer's more colorful appearance is appreciated, but Alolan Muk completely outdoes it. Alolan Muk throws in pink and blue stripes to go with the green and yellow, and has also hard crystals growing on its body. While not everyone has been thrilled about the new Alolan forms, Alolan Muk seems to be an improvement on its original form.

Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beasts are a mysterious new entity that may or may not even be Pokemon in a technical sense. For now, Nintendo is staying tight-lipped about Ultra Beasts, including their origin, purpose, or if they can be captured like regular Pokemon, but the following is what we know so far. By the way, 3 Ultra Beasts have been unveiled for Pokemon Sun and Moon at the time of this writing.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - UB-01

UB-01 was the first ultra beast revealed. It looks like a squid of some kind, but otherwise, there is very little that has been revealed about the creature so far.

UB-02 Absorption

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - UB-02 Absorption

Like UB-01, little is known about UB-02 Absorption. However, we do know that it will be exclusive to Pokemon Sun.

UB-02 Beauty

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - UB-02 Beauty

Whereas UB-02 Absorption is exclusive to Pokemon Sun, UB-02 Beauty is exclusive to Pokemon Moon. Beyond that fact, UB-02 Beauty is as much a mystery as the other Ultra Beasts that have been announced for the games.


Pokemon Sun and Moon Set in a Tropical Area? - Pokemon logo

Keep checking back for more newly announced Pokemon, Alolan forms, and Ultra Beasts for Pokemon Sun and Moon leading up to the release of the games later this year!

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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