Updated 10/27/2016

A complete list of all the new Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon so far, including Alola-specific creatures, Alolan form Pokemon, Ultra Beasts, and more!

Whenever new main series Pokemon games come out, fans can look forward to a new batch of the titular creatures being introduced as well. Since announcing Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo has revealed numerous new Pokemon that will be featured in the games, and we’ve collected all of them in one place for those that wish to prepare themselves ahead of Sun and Moon‘s release.

Alola Region Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon take place in the Alola region, and like other regions, it is home to plenty of unique Pokemon. So far, 53 new Pokemon have been revealed as Alola region natives.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Rowlet

One of the first new Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon, Rowlet is one of the three starters players can choose from at the start of their adventure. As a Grass/Flying-type Pokemon, Rowlet is an especially unique starter, and is in fact the first starter Pokemon in series history that is a Flying-type.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Dartrix

As the evolved form of Rowlet, Dartrix adds a classic grass-type attack to its repertoire:  Razor Leaf.


Pokemon Sun and Moon - Decidueye

The final form of Rowlet, Decidueye is all about speed. It abandons its status as a flying-type in favor of being a grass/ghost-type, a first for a starter Pokemon’s evolution line. Since it is a ghost-type, Decidueye can learn the new move Spirit Shackle.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Litten

The “fire cat” Pokemon, Litten is the resident Fire-type starter for the Alola region. Litten knows Ember right off the bat, unlike other Fire-types in the past that have to learn it through training, making it a powerful ally for trainers.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Torracat

The bell-like object on Torracat is not just for decoration. On the contrary, it is an organ that allows it to unleash its fire-type attacks, including Flamethrower.


Pokemon Sun and Moon - Incineroar

Incineroar’s appearance and classification take inspiration from the world of professional wrestling. The “Heel” Pokemon, Incineroar is surprisingly not a fighting type Pokemon. On the contrary, it is a fire/dark-type, and has a unique move called the Darkest Lariat at its disposal.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Popplio

Popplio is the Water-type starter Pokemon that players can pick at the beginning of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Popplio’s design has come under some scrutiny by fans, but since it knows Water Gun without having to level up, its capability in combat should more than make up for its lackluster appearance.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Brionne

Like Popplio, Brionne has been criticized for its appearance, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable addition to any trainer’s lineup of Pokemon. Brionne knows the classic water-type attack Bubblebeam, which should make it a formidable threat against fire- and rock-type Pokemon.


Pokemon Sun and Moon - Primarina

Primarina is making history as the first Pokemon that evolves from a starter to be classified as a fairy-type. More specifically, Primarina is a water/fairy-type that can learn the move Sparkling Aria.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Rockruff

At first glance, Pokemon trainers may mistake Rockruff, the “puppy Pokemon,” for a Normal-type. On the contrary, Rockruff is actually a Rock-type Pokemon, and will have either the Keen Eye or Vital Spirit ability once captured.



Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc, but Lycanroc’s appearance will change based on whether players are playing Pokemon Sun or Moon. In Pokemon Sun, Lycanroc takes its midday form (seen above), and in Pokemon Moon, it takes on its slightly more sinister midnight form.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Komala

The Pokemon franchise is certainly no stranger to sleepy Pokemon, and Pokemon Sun and Moon are adding another one to the mix. Komala is a Pokemon that is literally always asleep, which will give it a unique moveset based around this concept.


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All the New Pokemon - Pikipek

It seems every Pokemon generation has a new Normal/Flying-type bird to add to the ever-growing list of pocket monsters, and Pokemon Sun and Moon are no different. Thanks to Nintendo’s E3 2016 Treehouse presentation, we know that Pikipek can be captured on Route 1, and that it can evolve twice, but we have yet to see its evolved forms.

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