Pokemon Sun and Moon will see even more classic creatures getting new Alolan forms as Meowth and Marowak join the party – alongside several never-seen-before Pokemon.

Japanese magazine CoroCoro is notorious for being the source of the very latest Pokemon news – something that often happens in leak form as future editions of the monthly book get posted online. This time, CoroCoro has revealed a range of new, never-seen-before creatures that will appear in Pokemon Sun and Moon, as well as a couple of strange Alolan forms for Meowth and Marowak.

corocoro pokemon

According to Serebii, who has translated the leaked pages, Meowth’s Alolan form comes from being bred by the royal family of Alola, the tropical region that players will explore in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is a Dark-type and has a new blueish appearance to go alongside its new typing. Alolan Marowak is a Fire/Ghost-type, having adapted this new form in order to resist its natural predators.

As for the new creatures, the sand Pokemon Sunabaa has been revealed. A Ghost/Ground-type, Sunabaa evolves into a large sandcastle named Shirodesuna and is presumably the result of a ghost taking over a patch of Alola’s plentiful beaches. Previously revealed Pokemon Bewear is also getting a pre-evolution named Nuikogoma which will be a Normal/Fighting-type.

The second fish creature to be revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon, Yowashi is a Water-type and reportedly has the ability to change its appearance from its Single Form to a far larger School Form – rather than this being done by simple evolution.

corocoro pirate

CoroCoro has also revealed that the antagonist team found in Sun and Moon will be Team Skull, what sounds to be a pirate-themed organization, led by Guzma. Everyone’s favorite new dog Pokemon, Rockruff, will also be seeing a secret evolution to be revealed next month.

There’s no denying the excitement for Pokemon Sun and Moon it seems, with many older fans looking at the upcoming games as an excuse to get back into the franchise. The new Alolan forms are an interesting addition to the titles, giving classic Pokemon a chance to be relevant again in a very similar way to Mega Evolution.

As ever, there will always be people who don’t agree with the changes made to the original creatures but we believe that the new forms deserve defending – they’ll certainly add a lot to Pokemon‘s nostalgia-factor. We’re eagerly awaiting the next lot of leaked forms as they come and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon news as it appears.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are set to arrive exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS on November 18, 2016.