Disturbing Pokemon Sun and Moon Fan Theory Explains Mimikyu

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Mimikyu Origin Theory

Japanese Pokemon fans believe they have uncovered the secret origins of Mimikyu, the Pokemon which dons a costume to try and make itself look like Pikachu.

Although the Pokemon Mimikyu was initially revealed months ago for Pokemon Sun and Moon, the wanton Pikachu impersonator has been making big waves ever since it made its debut in the official Pokemon anime. While fans originally thought the Pokemon was admittedly adorable - what with its penchant for draping itself in a Pikachu-esque costume and all - Mimikyu has since gone on to terrify viewers of the anime in a display of spectral rage.

In the anime, Mimikyu is found with a blue glow emanating from it, indicating some kind of electric field. This makes sense, since Mimikyu - as the name phonetically implies - is attempting to mimic Pikachu. Mimikyu proceeds to get angry at the sight of Meowth, prompting show watchers to speculate that the origins of the mysterious ghost/fairy type Pokemon are tied to Pikachu. Now, a group of investigative fans in Japan think they have the de facto answer on the Pokemon Sun and Moon debutant's origin story.

Building on its relation with Pikachu, the Pokemon's Rotom Pokedex entry states "it’s said that a researcher who tried to look underneath [its costume] died from shock." Since wordplay is no stranger to the Pokemon franchise, this could very well imply an electrical shock rather than an emotional one. However, fans think it could also be referring to "Pokemon Shock," a real life incident which involved an episode of Pokemon from 1997 which caused over 700 children in Japan to have seizures. It was a massive incident at the time, and led to that particular episode being shelved.


One Pokemon from the infamous 'Pokemon Shock' episode has been missing from the anime ever since, and that Pokemon is none other than Porygon. Fans have surmised that Porygon is still upset about Pikachu getting all the love ever since this episode, and has draped itself in the disguise in a twisted sense of jealousy. To lend a (thin) line of credence to the theory, gamers have discovered a photograph of Ash and Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, which does connect the events somewhat. On top of this, Mimikyu can be found right around where Porygon was in Sun and Moon.

Another portion of Mimikyu's Pokedex entry states that "the rising popularity of Pikachu-styled merchandise around 20 years ago is the reason that Mimikyu makes itself look like Pikachu," and it doesn't take a mathematician to realize that the 'Pokemon Shock' episode aired almost exactly 20 years ago. While it's true that Porygon wouldn't exactly fit into that costume very easily (or any costume, really), we can't help but feel that if true, this rumor would make Mimikyu one of the most disturbing Pokemon out there.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are available now for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.

Source: Kotaku

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