Pokemon gets even more exciting news, as two strange-looking new creatures are revealed by CoroCoro magazine for the main series Pokemon Sun and Moon titles.

With all the excitement for Niantic Inc.’s Pokemon GO, it is easy to forget that the new main series titles, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, are so close to release. Luckily for us, CoroCoro magazine has left us all a pleasant reminder – in the form of 2 of the strangest-looking creatures we’ve seen yet.

In a recent tweet by Serebii.net, a picture of the latest issue of CoroCoro reveals 2 Pokemon that will add to the list of new creatures set to make their debut appearance in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The creature on the left has the Japanese name Kiterugama and is a Normal/Fighting-type with the abilities Fluffy and Klutz. The other Pokemon is named Mimikkyu, a Ghost/Fairy-type that has the Disguise ability.

Kiterugama scares the citizens of Aloha to the point that they put up warning signs about it. The creature is so strong that it is capable of breaking anything into 2 pieces. Mimikkyu prefers dark places, looking to avoid the sun where possible. It is said that any who remove the cloth covering its body will become afflicted by an illness.

There’s a reason that the Ghost/Fairy resembles our number 1 starter Pokemon too; it seems that Mimikkyu wishes to be loved by people as Pikachu is and so it bases its costume on a piece of Pikachu merch that was popular 20 years ago.

pokemon sun and moon trainers

For those hyped for the new Pokemon main series titles, Nintendo have been released regular teases for the upcoming games. The latest reveal comes in the form of a brand-new Fire lizard: a Pokemon by the name of Salandit. The company also took the time to discuss a range of new gameplay details for Sun and Moon at their Nintendo Treehouse event during this year’s E3.

In other Pokemon news, Pokemon GO continues to captivate the world, now boasting more success than Tinder, according to recent reports. In a world filled with Pokemon fans, it seems that all Nintendo needed to do was give us a way to finally follow our dreams of becoming Ash Ketchum.

Despite Pokemon GO‘s astounding success, the game is not yet released in most countries, with developer Niantic having to pause the worldwide launch due to server overloads. With so many people already addicted to catching themselves an army of virtual creatures, the company has its work cut out for it in getting the game fully ready for release.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are set to arrive for Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016.

Source: Serebii