CoroCoro Leaks Brand New Pokemon From Upcoming Sun and Moon Games

Pokemon Sun Moon New Pokemon

Japanese gaming publication CoroCoro releases a trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon featuring a little bit of new footage, and it contains a brand new never before seen monster.

At this point, it's no secret that people are excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The new pair of titles are set to be the biggest games arriving on any Nintendo console this year, and with them come a bunch of brand new Pokemon to capture and an entirely new Hawaii-inspired region to explore. While the setting itself looks unique, the monsters that fill it are what have people talking, and it looks as if another one may have just been confirmed prematurely thanks to some new gameplay footage.

Emanating from a slightly modified trailer that was published on CoroCoro's YouTube channel, the footage doesn't seem to showcase anything that new or exciting at first. However, a closer look reveals a brand new Pokemon standing in the corner of the screen as the on-screen trainer exits his house. One fan going by the handle 'flo1003' was quick to point out the accidental reveal on Twitter, where it was then picked up and reported by GoNintendo.

Those hoping to see the unknown creature can check out Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon's mystery beast through the tweet and corresponding image below.


Given the influx of interest for the new titles, following the formal reveal of their new trio of starter Pokemon, it's not surprising to see eager fans looking to pull details from split-second shots of new footage. Evidently, that's exactly what's happened here, but it's hard to tell if this is something Nintendo and The Pokemon Company were hoping would happen or if it really is just a simple oversight. Regardless of intent, the cat (read: goat-looking thing) is out of the bag now, but its image only raises more questions about its origins.

It's hard to say when more concrete details will be arriving for Pokemon Sun and Moon, although it doesn't sound as if E3 2016 will be a place for Nintendo to do it. Given the sole focus the company will have on its next entry in its longstanding The Legend of Zelda franchise during the event, Pikachu and friends could very well be shafted in forthcoming weeks. Still, with new Pokemon slowly making their existence known to eager trainers, official details are sure to arrive sooner rather than later.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to arrive exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016.

Source: CoroCoroTwitter (via GoNintendo)

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