Pokemon Sun and Moon Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment


With Pokemon Sun and Moon having shipped more than 15 million units, there's no doubt that the role-playing games from Game Freak have managed to become worldwide successes thanks to an ardent fan base of would-be trainers. Of course, once something has achieved such wide-reaching success, it becomes a much bigger target for critics, and the folks at Smosh have realized the opportunity on their hands, so they have decided to give the games the Honest Trailer treatment.

As seen below in the Honest Game Trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, one of the first aspects of the games to get skewered is its outlandish plot and recurring tropes, with the narrator stating the titles have "a sidekick who's worthless at fighting, an evil team that's harder to take seriously than ever . . . and a giant, futuristic corporation with a creepy, Aryan fashionista for a boss that makes the least surprising heel turn of all time." Not to mention, the games' monster designs – particularly the Alola forms – are made fun of at length.

While the Honest Trailer makes some solid points about Pokemon Sun and Moon's gameplay and its glaring similarities to previous installments in the history of the role-playing game series, perhaps the best part of the footage is the run down of every new name for the Pocket Monsters. From Sphero (a joke at the Rowlet starter's expense) to Exotic Dances for Money (a takedown of an Alolan Marowak), the Honest Trailer gets some good jabs in throughout.

Although the Honest Trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon pokes fun at the flaws and ridiculous nature of the games, the narrator eventually admits even they will buy the titles once again when their Ultra versions are released. And as for the original games, we here at Game Rant were wowed by what they had to offer, as our review proclaims that while the titles have plenty of familiar elements from the series' past, they also "offer one of the most radical departures from the series’ longstanding formula," with the gamble ultimately paying off.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now for the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.

Source: Smosh Games – YouTube

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