Pokemon Sun and Moon: Is This Why Players Keep Failing Global Missions?


Pokemon Sun and Moon players may be failing global missions due to a technical issue, as they are unable to register and log into their Pokemon Trainer Accounts.

Since the game launched on 3DS last year, efforts have been made to engage the Pokemon Sun and Moon community with global missions that encourage players of the RPGs to work together. The first global mission was to catch 100 million Pokemon, though players failed this challenge. And players failed the second global mission too, as they were unable to capture or defeat 1 million Pokemon using the Island Scan feature.

The fact that players had failed not one but two of the global missions perplexed and baffled many fans and critics. The game broke broke sales records, and clearly lots of people were playing, but why weren't people taking part in the challenges? According to some fans (via Kotaku), the lack of global mission participation may actually be down to a technical issue. Players say that they are unable to register and log into their Pokemon Trainer Accounts, accounts which in turn give players access to the Pokemon Global Link and let players register their Global Mission progress for Pokemon Sun and Moon.


The issue seems to be that when Pokemon Sun and Moon players try to register new Pokemon Trainer Accounts, the page refreshes and does not give them access to Global Link. Players posting on the game's subreddit say that the Sun and Moon support teams have told them that there are two causes: not having a name on the account and the PGL settings. But even after adding a name to the account and changing the PGL settings to "Nobody" or "Game Friends," some players claim that they are still unable to create Pokemon Trainer accounts.

On the one hand, it's quite promising that the Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission failures are a result of technical glitches rather than a lack of player enthusiasm. Players aren't just interested in coming up with weird fan theories; they are genuinely interested in taking part in global, community challenges, but the log in and registry bugs are stopping them from doing so.

But on the other hand, the information will be frustrating for players as it's unclear when this bug will be fixed. Over 30 bug reports have been filed by players but with the official advice not working at present and with the development team already having to address things like hacking, they may not get around to fixing this soon. As such, players could come up against this bug plenty more in future, leading to even more Global Mission failures.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.

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