Pokemon Sun and Moon: First Global Mission Details


The first Global Mission in Nintendo's Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon titles has been set, and players only have a two week time period to achieve their goal.

The results are in, and Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are the smash hit revitalization of the franchise that Nintendo was hoping they would be. Critical reception for Pokemon Sun and Moon has been nearly immaculate, and both lifelong fans of the series and younger newcomers have been embracing the two games' innovative new look at the Pokemon franchise. Straying away from the series' established formula was a potentially dangerous move, but Nintendo's gamble appears to have paid off.

One of the big changes to Pokemon Sun and Moon was the decision to make it a more globally accessible multiplayer experience. While past games have offered a constantly growing array of Internet-based trading and battling options, these features have often just been more refined versions of decade-old game mechanics. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, however, gamers are now being tasked with Global Missions, events that will unify players in a collective goal that promises a reward should it be met.

The first of these Global Missions has now gone live, and players have between now and December 12 to catch 100 million Pokemon. While that goal might seem absurd at first glance, Pokemon Sun and Moon are the fastest selling Nintendo games in UK history, and its torrid sales pace should make the march to 100 million Pokemon relatively easy for the many gamers currently vacationing in Alola.

Should the goal be met, gamers will also be rewarded with up to 2,000 Festival Coins, and even if the Global Mission is a failure players will be given 100 Festival Coins just for making the attempt. Festival Coins can be spent in the game's online multiplayer zone on a number of different items and luxuries, and 2,000 Festival Coins can go a long way towards boosting a Pokemon's happiness in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Although it might not seem like it, Pokemon Sun and Moon are revolutionary titles in the Pokemon franchise. The series has been redesigned from top to bottom in a very meaningful way, and it has become clear from fan response that it is a welcome change. Pokemon Sun and Moon hasn't abandoned its hardcore players, either, as the Global Mission offers reasonable rewards and, in the meantime, trainers can use the shiny Pokemon farming technique to ensure the race to 100 million is an exciting one as well.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are available now for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems.

Source: (via VG 24/7)

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