Pokemon Sun & Moon Reveal Next Global Mission for Players

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Details on Pokemon Sun and Moon's second Global Mission event appear online, revealing a more realistic goal for players to conquer, and more enticing rewards.

Even though Pokemon Sun and Moon smashed Nintendo pre-order records and is one of the company's fastest-selling games ever, its first Global Mission event was a complete flop. Players were tasked with the monumental challenge of catching 100 million Pokemon in a two-week stretch, but the game's collective community only managed to catch 16.5 million creatures. It seems as though Game Freak has learned its lesson, though, as the second Global Event has a much more reasonable goal.

According to, the second Global Mission event in Pokemon Sun and Moon will ask players to collectively catch or defeat 1 million Pokemon from 8pm Pacific time on December 26th until January 9th, 2017. On paper, this Global Mission seems a little too easy, but there's a catch that should make it more challenging, without making it virtually impossible like the first one.

For Pokemon Sun and Moon's second Global Mission, only Pokemon found with the Island Scanner count towards the total goal. This scanner isn't even obtained until later in the game, after players have earned 100 points from scanning QR codes, which may limit the number of players that can participate. Having said that, the much smaller goal and the fact that Pokemon both caught and defeated count towards the total should still give the Pokemon Sun and Moon a reasonable chance at completing it.


If enough Pokemon Sun and Moon players band together to complete the second Global Mission, they will be rewarded handsomely. If their account is attached to Global Link, players stand to gain 4,034 Festival Coins if they're successful, or 2,017 Festival Coins if their account isn't attached to Global Link. If players fail to reach the goal, all Pokemon Sun and Moon will still be gifted with at least a few hundred Festival Coins, so everyone has a reason to look forward to the event, even if they don't plan on actively participating in the festivities.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are the fastest-selling Pokemon games to date, and are arguably the most popular games on the 3DS, so there's no shortage of players to help net everyone some extra Festival Coins. Plus, the influx of new players that received the games over the holidays should also go a long way in ensuring that the community doesn't fail its second Global Mission.

With new players, a realistic goal, and more enticing rewards at stake, one has to imagine that Pokemon Sun and Moon's second global event will be more successful than the first. However, if the second Global Mission is also a failure, Game Freak may have to go back to the drawing board and make some drastic changes to ensure that the Global Missions do their job, which is to keep fans playing the record-breaking Pokemon Sun and Moon games well into the new year.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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