Pokemon Sun & Moon Topped Game Sales at GameStop

Pokemon Sun & Moon Topped Game Sales at GameStop - Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers

GameStop posts its quarterly financial earnings report, revealing strong sales for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and a disappointing start for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Prior to their release, Pokemon Sun and Moon broke records as the most pre-ordered games in Nintendo history. Considering the incredible pre-release success for the new pair of Pokemon adventures, it should come as no surprise to learn from GameStop's quarterly earnings report that the titles had big sales at the video game brick and mortar store when they released last week. However, what may be surprising is just how big of a success the games were.

Despite only releasing this past Friday, November 18th, Pokemon Sun and Moon are the top selling games at GameStop for the entire year so far. This is despite the fact that there have been a number of big blockbuster releases that launched earlier in the year, giving those games a significant head-start to rack up sales when compared to Sun and Moon.

Perhaps the sales success of Pokemon Sun and Moon will see GameStop try to focus more on pushing Nintendo products. It's no secret that GameStop has largely favored Xbox and PlayStation in the past, whether it be due to a general lack of games on Nintendo platforms compared to the competition or other reasons. Its bread and butter has been the big annual franchises like Call of Duty and Madden, so it's refreshing to see Pokemon Sun and Moon top the charts this year.


Another reason why GameStop may end up favoring Nintendo now is because of some interesting data that was also released with its earnings report. Apparently 27% of GameStop's PowerUp Rewards members are planning to purchase a Nintendo Switch at launch, a number that is likely to increase once Nintendo airs its special Nintendo Switch event on January 12th, which promises to reveal the console's price, release date, launch lineup, and more.

Regardless of which company GameStop will start pushing now, it's clear that it can't continue to rely on the games it used to support itself with. In fact, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's sales were down compared to previous Call of Duty titles, causing GameStop's revenue and profit to decrease compared to the same time last year. It seems as though the pure hatred aimed at the announcement trailer was an accurate indication of how consumers were going to respond to the new game and its futuristic, science-fiction setting.

In hardware news, GameStop said that both the PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR are selling well, but didn't offer specific sales numbers. PS4 Pro is really the first test to see if fans are interested in purchasing incremental hardware upgrades every couple of years as opposed to waiting five or more years for the significant generational leaps that have defined the industry thus far. So if PS4 Pro doesn't stop Xbox's four month winning streak, then the hardware manufacturers may rethink the concept of incremental upgrades.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: GameSpot

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