Nintendo reveals further information about Pokemon Sun and Moon during its E3 2016 Nintendo Treehouse event, through an extended live gameplay session.

Although Nintendo started off its E3 2016 Nintendo Treehouse session with a first look at the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild through a stunning gameplay trailer, it wasn’t long before the event turned its attention to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Gamers have already gathered a fair amount of knowledge about the next iteration of the Pokemon franchise, but this time round fans we given a much better look at the games, courtesy of a live gameplay session.

Producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori were on hand to give a snapshot of the game in action, and let loose plenty of information that those looking forward to Pokemon Sun and Moon are bound to find useful. The duo were able to explain away the reasons for the games’ names, stating that the Sun and Moon are part of the reasons and the source for life, and that the game world of the titles is all about the life of the region and of Pokemon in general.

Continuing on the theme, Masuda and Ohmori explained that the two entities of Sun and Moon tie in to more than just themes. The legendaries of the games, Solagleo and Lunala, are emissaries of the Sun and the Moon respectively. This information was initially revealed by a previously-released trailer, but it was nonetheless interesting to hear confirmation of this.

pokemon sun and moon legendaries revealed

As well as this, Masuda and Ohmori were also able to give a little more information about the region of Alola. The new location of the Pokemon franchise is itself made up of four islands, and the player is a recent arrival into the region as a whole. With this new region come a brand new variety of Pokemon, too, and in the small sample of gameplay given a number of new Pokemon were revealed. Players will be able to come across Yungoos, a Normal-type mongoose Pokemon, Pipapek, a Normal/Flying woodpecker, and Grubbin, a Bug-type. This trio joins the other two Pokemon that have been recently revealed.

The actual gameplay itself is going to also receive a bit of an overhaul. Trainers will be able to see battles with others a little easier, due to a pair of black bars that will appear on either side of the screen when getting close to another trainer. This will no doubt assist players trying to get back to a Pokemon Center, or those who simply fancy taking on trainers another time.

With these changes, and a four-player battle mode known as Battle Royal, it looks like Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to make some major improvements to the Pokemon formula. Even though the release of the games is now only months away, many fans will no doubt be counting down the clock until the games actually launch. Hopefully, when that time comes, they live up to the promise shown by such interesting gameplay reveals.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released on November 18, 2016, exclusively for the 3DS.